Snow didn’t give another word of warning as the air in the hallway grew unbearably chill, causing the teeth of each of the women to chatter almost immediately as the temperature plummeted. A howling wind suddenly tore its way towards them, screaming with the voice of a thousand devils as Snow White guided it with a pointing finger. There was no time to evade or even move aside as the forceful effect slammed into all of them, knocking each woman to the ground in a heap as they went tumbling. Merida held onto her bow just barely, but she could feel as her quiver lightened, several arrows spilling out as they clattered along the stone floor, presumably lost in the sudden tempest as she dared to look behind her.

“‘Ware behind!” she howled, reaching for an arrow as she saw the demonic creatures that had at one time been the woodland dwarves that had found and cared for Snow. Despite her desire to spare their lives there was no doubt as they charged forward that the stocky monsters had no such inclination to share the sentiment. So thinking Merida simply acted, firing at the first of them to come close, a rotund one with a wispy corona of hair still dotting his misshapen chin in tufts.

Her shot was true and sank hard into the thing’s left eye, stilling it for good as she reached for another arrow. By this time Mulan and Red had reached their feet and, still in possession of their weapons, had began to defend themselves and give back as good as they got. The two women suffered a few minor cuts and scratches but within moments the last of the dwarves lay dying, his throat slashed with expert precision as the hallway was still chill around them, but the wind had died down.

A horrid scream ripped from Snow’s lips at the other end of the hallway as she watched her dwarven companions fall, but it was replaced by a look of sheer hatred in the next moment as Snow charged at them, fingers hooked like claws as her face darkened with those strange black veins they’d seen in the doorway. The power that was building within the hallway was hard to miss as it continued to grow, the pressure mounting to such a degree that it hurt just to breathe in the next few moments.

“Mulan!” Merida gasped.

The other woman didn’t need to be prompted further as she sheathed her blade and thrust both hands forward, then down as she balled her fists. Raising them quickly she faced them with palms towards Snow as the woman grew ever closer. And then, just as Snow was within a few yards, Mulan unleashed the weapon she’d been saving until now, when they absolutely needed him. A flash of crimson and gold coalesced in front of her just before the snarling visage of her friend, companion, and guardian came forth.

Mushu had arrived

Snow wasn’t even fazed as she went so far as to offer a counter to Mushu’s appearance, casting a spell in that instant as the dragon was smacked aside by some invisible force that none of them could see, but could definitely feel. The dragon crashed hard into the wall, leaving a crimson stain as he slid down, only to dematerialize as Mulan watched in stunned agony as she was thrust backward from the force of Snow’s spell. The woman strode forward, snarling like an enraged beast as Mulan fell to the floor hard, bouncing once as Red and Merida watched. The redhead reacted first, grimacing at what she was about to do.

Her next arrow flew straight, and it flew as true as the others, and worse for Snow was that she didn’t see it coming, or at the very least didn’t seem to care. As the tip entered her body Snow’s eyes widened in surprise, her headlong rush coming to a sudden halt as the force of the arrow and her sudden, skidding motion sent her falling hard to her back, where her head connected forcefully with the stone floor, hard enough to crack her skull open, stilling her almost immediately.

It wasn’t a happy ending, but it was an ending.

The End

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