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Oh it’s time for a change dear

It’s time to set things right

It’s time to make the world hear

And time to stop the fight

We’ve seen it all before man we’ve seen it come and go

The fightin, shoutin, yellin and the fires down below.

It’s time for a change babe

Go and walk across that line

You wanna be that change babe

You gotta walk across that line

Come and make a change man

Do it for the now

Do it for the then and

Don’t ask the old men how

They’ve had their chance all day man

They’ve had all day and night

They’re tired and their worn man

They’ll tell us all to fight

So now it’s time for change man

You’ve got to cross that line

Do whatever you can man

To stop this world from dyin’.

-aren’t we ready for a change yet?

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