Remember when you finally moved out of your parents’ home and thought that it was going to be so awesome since you could do what you want, when you want to do it, and not have anyone harping on you about cleaning, cooking, or clearing up dishes or picking up your messes any longer? Remember how that feeling lasted for a few minutes the moment you got into your own place and had to do everything yourself? It became kind of a drag didn’t it? It was about at that point that a lot of people realized that all the nagging and harping that their parent’s had been doing over the years wasn’t just to get on their nerves, and it wasn’t even nagging. It was TEACHING.

They were doing their absolute best to make sure that you had every skill you needed to fall back on when you were actually on your own and had no one else to rely on but yourself. To be honest some parents still help out even when their kids finally move out and get their own place, but the understanding is that once you’re paying your own rent and doing everything for yourself there’s really no one else to rely on, and your parents get to breathe a big sigh of relief.

And yet it’s amazing how some people survive all the same.

Cooking is more than just tossing a few ingredients into a pan, or picking up the phone to order out.

If you want to eat then you’d better have the cash flow to afford prepared meals or you’d better learn how to do more than boil water. Lately it seems that a lot more kids are being armed with this skill than ever before, and it’s great to see since without the ability to cook the average diet of those that eat out is simply horrible unless they happen to live near an area that’s extremely health-conscious. But learning to cook is still a necessary skill since at some point or another you’re going to want to eat something and might not have the option to run and get takeout or just call someone and have something delivered. By the time you leave your parents’ home you should know how to make a few easy meals at least. For the rest there’s this great invention called a COOKBOOK.

And believe it or not, there are literally THOUSANDS of them out there.

Doing laundry is so much cheaper than buying new clothes all the time.

It’s amazing and kind of disheartening really that some people would rather just go shopping every day or every other day for a new wardrobe when cleaning your clothes really isn’t that hard. Of course some people live in apartment complexes where they have to share machines and some folks happen to think that they’re above going to the local laundromat. It’s time to buck up, save up your quarters, grab your soap and your hamper and head down to the laundromat or learn to share. Those that have sympathetic parents might find it possible to use their machines, but still, don’t expect your parents to do the job, as a big boy or girl you can wash, dry, and fold your own clothing.

It’s so much nicer to wear clean clothes than have to spray air freshener on them every day.

Clean your own messes. It’s not that hard.

The moment you’re on your own no one is going to come behind you with a broom, dustpan, towel, Windex, or anything else to clean up your messes. The moment something goes SPLAT on your floor or counter it’s on you and no one else. Ever been in someone’s apartment that never received any basic cleaning skills? It’s a mess. Some folks will wipe it up and then leave it without really cleaning the spot, others won’t even bother with that. You can usually tell the people that were made to clean up after themselves from a young age from those that were never given such a responsibility.

You’re on your own, there’s no maid called “mom” to come and clean it up.

Despite being some of the most basic survival skills when it comes to living on your own, some people are just woefully unprepared.

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