This all depends on what you consider to be good or bad when it comes to Pence and your own ideals. A lot of people tend to think that he would be able to walk the walk and talk the talk a lot more efficiently than Trump at his point, and some of them might make a valid argument.

One big way he could be of use would be that he could stabilize the Republican party and right a ship that seems to be sinking quickly. Right now it seems as though he and Trump aren’t always on the same page, as Pence seems to distance himself at times when his boss decides to open his mouth and talk in a manner that Pence just can’t support.

His experience would be a huge boon in a run at the presidency since he’s been in office for about 12 years, meaning he knows what’s going on and how to navigate his way through DC. Unlike Trump he’s had the time served and whatever mistakes he’s made he’s learned from them in due course.

Unfortunately the act of being laid back, ambitious, and able to gauge his political opponents is not always a boon since it makes him look rather hesitant and even a bit unpracticed. Pence is not quite the fighter that people want and he tends to lean so far to the right that his views and policies upset his political opponents and allies alike. In so many words, Pence is not quite as experienced when it comes to taking the lead as some would like.

His time in office has made him quite capable of holding his own and even standing up when he needs to, but it would seem that he might fall back on old habits should he be given something as big as the presidency, and for a nation that would be reeling after the damage that Trump has done to its reputation, Pence would need to step up and be the leader that his boss wasn’t in order to really grasp the reins and hold on.

Would Pence make a good president? It’s hard to say until it happens really.

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