When you look at the kind of creatures that reside in the wilds and even in the civilized areas of Australia you kind of have to wonder why anyone would venture to this place, much less live there. But then you’d be taking away from this continent all the wonders that still remain and the beauty that waits to be seen by those that continue to come to this wonderful place so often.

Just because it’s one of the locations in this world that harbors some of the most deadly creatures doesn’t mean that it can’t be a lot of fun too. But since we’re on the subject, let’s just see what kind of nasties happen to live down under.

Box Jellfyfish

Jellyfish are usually to be avoided as much as possible largely because their stings are extremely painful, but the Box Jellyfish is particularly nasty since they tend to travel in large groups and have tentacle that are 2 meters long and armed with millions of tiny harpoons that can reach out and continually sting the hell out of anyone they come in contact with.

European Honey Bee

It’s not a joke when a bee is put on a deadliest creature list since with the number of people that are allergic to bee stings this is pretty serious. The European Honey Bee has actually been found to be responsible for more than a few deaths over the years due to allergic reactions to its sting.

Cone Snail

This is one of those critters that you might never come in contact with unless you happen to pick up the wrong shell or go walking barefoot on the bottom of the ocean. If you do get harpooned however the chances are pretty good that you’re going to be feeling it very quickly.


If you go stepping on one of these ugly buggers then you’re going to feel it since their spines can get through rubber soles and deliver a painful sting. But unless you’re traipsing around a stony area where they might be found then you might never encounter one.

Blue-ringed Octopus

This little guy will actually stay away for the most part as the blue rings that appear on its skin will only show prominently when it’s ready to defend itself or is agitated. The bad part about this however is that you won’t likely feel the bite that this little octopus delivers, but you will suffer the effects.

Eastern Brown Snake

Posted as one of the most dangerous snakes in the world it’s kind of disconcerting that this snake will make its way into populated areas. The main reason it does is that it eats mice and therefore goes looking for its food source wherever it can be found.

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

It’s like someone crossed a snake with a spider and this is what happened. The fangs on this thing are known to go through leather shoes and even toenails when it’s good and riled, and it takes a monumental effort to shake it off. Worse than that is that it can show up pretty much anywhere, so even inside one’s home it could be lurking about.

Bull Shark

Sharks usually get a very bad reputation no matter the species or where they’re from. But the Bull Shark is a scavenger for the most part and will go searching for food wherever there’s water to swim. Like most sharks however it won’t take a bite out of a human unless they look like food.

Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles have definitely earned their title since it’s pretty commonly known that they can be aggressive and when they are it’s never a good idea to be too close to them. While the movies demonize them a bit they’re still pretty dangerous.


Yet another deadly snake that hails from Australia, there are two major types of Taipan, those that are located near the coast and those that are further inland. Both are dangerous to encounter and both are recommended to stay away from.

Every place has its most deadly inhabitants, but thankfully a lot of them won’t mess with you so long as you know what to look for and how to handle yourself around the lot of them.

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