Olympia, WA

December 13th, 2020

Only a few minutes later she was at the front door, zipping up her parka and hefting the pack her husband had prepared for her. The supplies and implements she needed were inside, as was the special ‘message’ that they’d agreed upon. He looked at her with complete honesty in his eyes, a look that conveyed that he was with her one hundred percent, but wished he could go as well.

“Take care of our girls,” she said softly, pulling him close as she kissed him deeply, holding him tight as he held her as well. She knew how lucky she was, knew that some individuals would insist that they let the law take its course, and she knew that had he said such a thing that she might never have forgiven him. He knew it was well, but he also knew what the monster that had harmed their child was capable of, and he approved of her plan.

“You take care,” he said as they disengaged, “They’re going to be coming here the moment he’s gone.”

“And they’ll find me,” she said with a grin, “here with my family where I belong.”

He grinned at her as she stepped back, and before he could say anything else, Illyana was out the door, headed off into the night. There was work to be done that the legal system couldn’t be trusted with.

*                  *                   *

If there was anything worse than knowing that the man that had harmed her daughter had gotten off without punishment, it was knowing that he was only thirty miles away and not even constrained by a flimsy restraining order. He was free to come and go as he pleased thanks to the lack of any evidence that he’d done anything wrong.

The evidence that had been gathered and been said to have been tampered with in an attempt to discredit and falsely accuse him, and his slick, morally-bankrupt lawyer had been convincing enough to the jury to get him off the hook. Not even the evidence of what her daughter had gone through had been enough, even when several of the jury members had openly winced at the descriptions of what had been done.

And he’d smiled at her.

As Illyana closed the door of her car and fired up the engine she swore that he wouldn’t be smiling by the night’s end.

(to be continued)

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