There are those that love to argue and those that don’t. Then there are those that love to talk politics, which will usually lead to an argument because of one thing or another, and there are those that run from the room as soon as a single word is spoken about one party or another or a candidate or Congress or anything having to do with politics. Some might argue that everything has to do with politics, while others will adamantly refuse to speak a single word that has to do with anything political. Why is this?

Because it’s meant to make us realize just how much control we don’t have in this country. Those we elect to their positions and those that seem to hold on to their positions through one manner or another are those that benefit from being elected. The average person that votes, that supports those that want to assume the titles of leadership and importance, are not always represented in the best ways. Talking about it and discussing just how much power we should have but don’t seem to is a bit depressing. And more to the point, many people have no idea what they’re talking about.

People will discuss issues that they know little to nothing about.

Ever been in a discussion with someone that will argue with you until they’re blue in the face about absolutely nothing? They’ find a point and try to hammer it home but in reality won’t make a lick of sense aside from inside their own mind. It’s times like that when the other person might want to know what’s going on inside that individual’s head, as in the idea that he has a working brain instead a hamster furiously running on a wheel and getting nowhere.

When people argue about politics it’s pretty easy to spot the ones that don’t know all that much.

It doesn’t matter how bad a candidate is or how much damage they do to the country’s reputation, those that believe in them will defend their honor to the death.

Without naming any names, like I have to, some politicians have been absolutely horrible in their term, giving other countries reasons to hate the USA, to mock us, and to think that we’re all just a bunch of bloated, arrogant gasbags that are comfortable throwing our weight around and being as rude as possible. Yet people that voted for such individuals will defend them tooth and nail. In some ways this is impressive and inspiring since it shows a lot of follow-thru and a great deal of faith. But it also shows that they’re willing to turn a blind eye and use blanket statements and arguments as well as diversionary tactics on others AND themselves to justify their vote.

It’s easier to believe in politics if you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to a lot of what goes on.

 One could say it’s boring but that’s too simple. In truth, political discussion is boring because it’s been made to be so irritatingly complicated with it’s wording and various policies.

Trying to argue the point of politics is like trying to run through a maze with your eyes closed and the knowledge that there are pits strewn throughout the maze, and that some of the pits have vipers and the open areas of the maze are crawling with rats. In short, it’s a difficult path to argue around. Arguing politics means you have to know something about it rather than dealing with mere opinion when talking to some people, or your words simply don’t count. If you can’t justify your words to some people then they’re likely to ignore you. In some ways trying to argue politics with anyone that knows even a little of what they’re talking about is like trying to argue with a Trekkie about which franchise is greater, Star Trek or Star Wars.

Yeah, it’s that frustrating.

If ever a person needed a panic room it would be when the discussion turned to politics.

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