There was a time that seemed so much simpler, a time that we didn’t worry so much about the world as it is or how it might be. It was a world that was full of wonder, a world that didn’t carry a danger around every corner we couldn’t see.

That world is no more than a dream now, a pleasant pondering of those that lived it. They tell us the tales and the way it was, and they tell us of how they miss it. Those days were harder in many ways, we didn’t have all the same toys. We didn’t have the technology or overcrowding, and we didn’t have all the noise.

We can’t kid ourselves there was plenty of everything that we have now. The only difference these days is that we didn’t know it back then just when things would change or how. The world got itself in an awful big rush and took us all along for the ride. We followed as best as could and tried to keep up, as we took this new world in stride.

And now those of us that grew up in-between revolutions and war are looking at our leaders as we try to implore and try to tell them ‘no more’. We want that peace that the world knew way back when, we want to be safe and secure.

The only way we can do that is to sit and remember, of times when this world seemed pure.

There was a time….

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