Mangled Together Writings from August 14th 2018:

As long as the economy keeps doing well Americans will vote for Trump, it’s simple self-interest. Ultimately like all people, Americans care about their security, but American security just seems a little shinier. 

There is a coming economic crash that will be due to car loans unfortunately. This crash won’t occur until Trump’s presidency and most likely late in his presidency. Trump will not let the economy crash occur until the near end of his second term, because Trump doesn’t care about the Republican party, he cares about Trump. 

For now Democrats cannot compete with Trump’s claims of boosting the economy, because his polices have helped keep it rising. Yes, under Obama the economy was heading up since economics tends be subject to a natural ebb and flow. But semantics, the bigger picture, and shit like that don’t truly matter in eyes of someone is who is happy with the current state of things. Why rock the boat when things are going well? In elections it only matters who can claim the glory of making an economy healthy, which in this case Trump and the Republican Party have done. 

It doesn’t matter to the average American if Trump tossed toilet paper at Puerto Rican’s like a poor man’s Kyle Korver, most Americans will find most of the president’s controversy petty as long as they can guarantee their financial safety. I’m not saying the mentality is even that bad. Why would you want to get rid of something that benefits you and your neighbors? So what if the guy who’s helping you out is an asshole and a half? Results are results. When most Americans deal with the asshole they think in terms of self, but they justify their selfishness because their selfishness is collective and mutually beneficial to anyone within their fiscal kinship. 

And so, most of what determines elections is economics, not policy. Jimmy Carter lost because of a sour economy, Obama won because of failing economy, Franklin Roosevelt won because of the Great Depression, and the list goes on and on. Policy matters when deciding between two candidates of the same party, but most of the time economics is the deciding factor when you have a Republican and a Democrat pinned against one another. 

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