How many of us really love our jobs? I mean REALLY love our jobs, as in we’re happy to go, happy to be there, and happy we have the opportunity. Yeah, I didn’t think all that many hands would go up, but there’s some of us that luck out and are glad to be doing what we’re doing. It’s not all that common that a person gets to love the job they find, at least not in the long term, but if you do get that lucky and you find a job that you happen to like then it ceases to be work a lot of the times and becomes a pleasure that you can take a lot of pride in.

But you’ve got to get paid, right?

If you have a job you love and get paid then you’ve really hit the jackpot, because there are plenty of folks out there that make their way to that daily grind in an attempt to get ahead, to get something they want, but aren’t nearly as satisfied with what they’re doing and are therefore just waiting for the final minutes of the day to come around and for payday to arrive so they can lose three-quarters of their check to taxes, bills, and whatever other expenses they need to pay. Now just imagine if they had those jobs and no promise of a paycheck after so long.

Some people do this, they’ll take on jobs with no pay either because they love what they’re doing and are secure enough, or they love what they’re doing and are looking forward to getting something in payment at a later date. That’s a hard way to live however and requires a lot more love for the job than some people have when it comes to getting paid. No one wants to work for free, but the thought is that if you’re doing something you love then it tends to cease being as much work and could possibly be worth the effort, right?

You would think so, but it’s still a sketchy thing with some people. Those that put in effort want to get paid, those that don’t put in effort want to get paid, and as the person doing the paying you already know who you would love to pay if you had the funds. Those that want the money but want to do minimal work are those that are easy to ignore since they’ll ask when payday is and then complain about the job or give excuses, while those that want to work are more likely to do the job and trust that you’ll be paying them eventually for their services.

That’s the love of the job, being able to push aside the need to collect a paycheck and just get the work done. But all the same, people have got to get paid.

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