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Ever get the feeling that real life and art imitate one another a little too closely sometimes? So yes, more often than not art imitates life as a kind of homage, satire, or cleverly-written piece of fiction. But lately, the show House of Cards and our government seem a little too similar to really ignore any longer.

If you doubt that then by all means let’s take a look at the similarities.

Those in power do anything and everything they can to distract the public.

In the show Frank Underwood is constantly throwing up political tactics to distract the other, more serious issues at play in the government. In real life Trump’s people are trying to convince us to not get distracted by Trump’s tweets and other messages that seem to come from an elderly person off of his meds. Because apparently that’s part of his ‘master plan’.

The executive order routine is hard to miss.

Trump signed a large number of executive orders in his first 100 days as POTUS, which is not really news, but is kind of disconcerting since many of them served to irritate and frustrate the American people. Guess who else did that? Frank Underwood of course.

The election process was anything but ordinary.

Let’s just say this, both elections were suspected of being rigged and while the one in House of Cards most certainly was, Trump has been battling to prove that his wasn’t. The only problem is that with the indictments that have come in both he and his cabinet have been convincingly proven to be liars. Of course given that he’s POTUS he won’t be likely to suffer impeachment unless Congress makes it so. Gee, guess how that one’s going to go.

Russia’s involvement is getting some people a little antsy.

In the show Russia is the straightforward aggressor and makes no mistake in announcing it. But in real life Russia is dancing around the issue of whether they want to tip their hand or not, or so it seems. And what is the POTUS doing about it? Oh he believes Putin is a stand-up guy.  Yeah, let that soak in for a moment.

We have a POTUS that’s on the hot seat, or as he might call it, a ‘witch-hunt’.

This is another good point but the art imitating life came first unfortunately. Obviously President Underwood is underhanded in everything he does. He was slighted in season 1 and decided to start taking people out left and right with his use of statecraft and dirty tactics. Underwood however knows how to go for the the throat, whereas Trump seems to have trouble doing anything but going nose to nose with his detractors.

The gas attack in Syria was just way too close, especially since the show came first.

The show didn’t pluck this one from the headlines, and it didn’t for other points as well. This goes to show that things aren’t quite as comfy and contained in our government as some people want to believe.

The age of reason is currently on the chopping block.

Ever notice how to keep power that’s attained in ways that would get a person lynched in the old days, that some people will do or say anything so long as they think it’s feasible? This is where Underwood and Trump really start to sound alike since they’re both seeking to kill the voice of reason in this country by making up statements and attempting to go to war with the news media in order to push their own agenda and assure people that they’re the victims of a malicious news media that will say anything to discredit them. That’s right, it’s all a big conspiracy to pick on them for no reason.

Just think how the next season might portray the government, if there is one at this point.


  1. And in the realm, it would seem that our President and the actor in the House of Cards may both have had a problem keeping thier hands off others.

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