It sounds a bit hokey and even kind of corny but a lot of people in this world might agree that people need to be around people at least some of the time. For some of us it’s a constant thing, but for others it’s something that needs to happen every so often just to make sure that we’re still in touch with our own humanity. It could be that humans are social animals in a way, but some would disagree since anything more than one or two people in the same room at the given time could cause anxiety or panic attacks in various individuals.

Still, people do need to interact with people now and again, if only to keep their sense of humanity and their wits about them. The only problem that comes with this is when people find that they can’t stand other people due to their beliefs and their insistent need to find fault in one another for this or that.

It’s an issue that has yet to be fully dealt with, and only seems to be solved when things are at their worst.

Biologically speaking, people really do need people.

Let’s put off talk of hermaphrodites that can function fully with both sexes, which is pretty rare, and talk of the Virgin Mary for a moment. People do happen to need people to continue the species, if only because a man and a woman are needed to conceive a child. In this most basic and biological sense people do need one another in order to keep the human race going. Sadly though this hasn’t been much of a problem throughout the centuries as the world is currently being populated by billions of individuals, more than some areas can comfortably take. So while we do need each other to reproduce the problem is that we’re simply doing too much of it.

Sometimes people just need to enjoy each other’s company without trying to keep the human race going in an off-handed way.

Companionship is a very real aspect of humanity and it’s one that is highly undervalued at times.

People need people to have someone to hold and to be with for moral and emotional support. Without someone there life tends to feel a little emptier, a little colder, and in some ways not quite as meaningful. Those that like to be alone might still admit that having someone they can share their life or even just their time with makes it possible to feel more human and less detached from humanity. It’s very possible to live outside of the human race, but eventually it can wear a lot of humanity from a person’s mind as they begin to experience the world from a very limited scope.

Having someone in your life broadens your horizons in a new way that allows for a different perspective on life.

We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds.

The best part about being human is that we get to choose the lives we want more often than not. If we want to be alone then we walk that path, if we want to share our lives with someone then we spend a great deal of time finding that special someone and making sure that they’re the one. Some people go a lifetime without finding the right one, but they still meet many interesting people that help to shape and change their life until they finally meet that right soul that accepts them for who they are. While some of us lose those people long before we’re ready, others are fortunate enough to share a lifetime with those people and experience another part of life that isn’t always possible to see on your own.

Having someone in your life broadens the view of both individuals, while being a social person opens a person up to new vistas they never knew were possible.

As humans we can be alone and survive. But many prefer to find someone and thrive.

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