The question of how people can come to hate others based on their skin color and where they come from is something that doesn’t seem to be dying down throughout the years. In fact it seems to be getting worse as time goes on and new generations are taught to hate based upon the biases of their elders. You would almost think at some point that such hate would wear itself out and burn out like the flu, but then again such things tend to change and evolve just like anything else in this world and tend to forget one very important thing: at the most basic level we’re all the same.

Think about it, no matter how different we look, how different we act, we’re all the same kind of being underneath the layers upon layers of difference that we develop throughout our lives. Open up a Muslim or open up and American and they’ll bleed the same, it won’t matter who thinks they’re right or who believes that the other is going to destroy them one day. We bleed the same, we live the same, and we require the same things to keep us alive.

For such a fundamental truth people seem fit to judge quite a bit.

Ever notice this? It’s as though belonging to another race means you belong to a different species entirely. Some people have even pushed this as propaganda in the past, thankfully to no lasting effect. However it happens some races are deemed to be less than human by those that act as though they’re in a position to judge a human being after attempting to discredit another human being just for existing. Some might use the argument that there are those races that are simply weaker, not as fit, or even not as capable of living in an ordered society because of this or that. The fallacy here is that by denouncing one race those same people are proving that they too are unworthy of the very ideals they’re spouting.

So how hard do you laugh at those that speak such idiocy?

Despite biological differences we’re made of the same elements.

Of course some individuals are going to be different when it comes to their physiology. It all depends on where people’s ancestors came from in the world, what challenges they had to face on a daily basis and what environmental climate they came from. This will have changed a lot of people’s genetic makeup in order to let those ancestors survive and eventually pass such traits on down to their descendants. But still, despite all those differences mankind shares several similarities that too many people discount and far too many wish to use as weapons in their continual war to assert the dominance of their race.

It’s never fun to be ashamed of your race but there are times when white people seem to be about one of the dumbest races walking the earth, at least those that think they’re superior to others.

Deep down where it counts and where survival becomes key for all human beings, we’re all the same. Do you bleed red? Do you walk on two legs and have complex thoughts? Then hooray, you’re human.

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