There’s simply too much to a human being to explain it away using strictly science or a mystical force that somehow imbues us with life. We are in many ways simplistic machines made up of biological ingredients that operate a nature demands and as our own physiology understands. The vast majority of us don’t need to be taught to breathe or to react to our environment, and that same number don’t need much teaching when it comes to understanding certain basic needs.

But is that all we are? If we are simple biological machines serving a purpose that we don’t fully understand, then why are we so different? Biology and environment can only explain things so far before they come to a point where they are no longer useful in their explanations of what makes us who we are. They can’t always explain why one person thinks differently from another, or why inspiration strikes one mind differently than it does the next. If not for something that can’t be seen, some guiding inner source that helps to define each and every person in this world, we might all be biologically-inclined to follow the same directives our DNA demands and continue to live out our lives with no other purpose but thrive and strike a balance with our surroundings.

That is not humanity however.

Our soul gives us the distinct definition of who we are and how we live our lives.

The act of becoming who we are, of being able to say “I am”, is something that cannot be adequately explained by science. The drives, the desires, and the innate needs we have to fulfill are not all biologically-driven, nor are the ideas that come to us planted there by those same needs all the time. If not for the soul that courses and resides within each one of us we might act no different from each other, we might be world of utter conformity.

That sounds uniquely boring.

The ‘old soul’ feeling is very real.

This would allude to the belief that souls, believed in some way to be encoded energy that gets passed back and forth between us, have experienced a great deal throughout their time on this earth. While it would seem that the energy does change and form in different ways throughout its many uses, those that feel out of place and somehow disconnected from their surroundings and their peers could said to be have old souls. This is a very common feeling unfortunately as the energy that becomes the soul of every living being eventually becomes aware in some way, and this manifests by the individual realizing that they simply don’t fit into their place in the world. It sounds mystical, rather foolish, and sometimes very fantastical, but if you’ve ever looked upon your surroundings, or those around you, and somehow not recognized them despite having been around them all your life then you might very well have an old soul.

Save the Alzheimer’s jokes for another post if that’s where your mind just went, as this is all too real.

The imagination is an extension of the soul.

Granted, it’s not the only driving force behind a strong imagination, but think of the things that have been dreamed up, of the stories that have been unleashed upon the public, and then try to justify where those stories have come from. Since the beginning of humanity, people have been telling tales of fantastical things, of monsters and angels and everything in-between. Where did we learn about this? The argument for our having a soul and for those souls having been passed among us is simply too strong to deny since our souls are in a way like gateways to the past. While we can’t see everything we tend to see just enough to make some sort of connection, no matter how muddied it is.

We do have a soul, and it’s put on display each and every day for those that know how to look.

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