There’s always a moment in life that’s inescapable, unavoidable, and thoroughly inevitable.

It’s the moment you run from, avoid, try to escape, evade, forget, and even sometimes deny is ever going to come.

It will hound you, dog you, pursue you, run you to ground, take after you, harry you, and eventually catch you.

It will not be kind, nor gentle, nor caring, nor in any way sparing, as it is not the moment that seeks to comfort or offer succor.

It is the inevitable, the moment that MUST and WILL happen, the moment that CAN and SHOULD and DOES happen, the moment that you fear yet dread and think will be over in a short time, but will last for longer than you can possibly imagine.

It is inevitable that it should happen, that it will come when you are not prepared, and when you have the least amount of desire to face down the moment that has been building for so long.

You can beg and plead and kick and scream or accept it as you realize that the moment is yours and yours alone.

It will remain so long as you resist and will continue to persist so long as the one to whom it belongs refuses to face it, to own it, and to claim it for their own.

It’s not going anywhere.

It’s inevitable.

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