It’s too easy to let others determine just how much you might be worth. Giving up, giving in to the opinions of those that try to tell you how much you’re worth, what you can offer, and what’s expected of you is a serious fallacy in the life of any human being. Allowing others to determine your importance to the world is a serious loss and a heavy-handed blow to one’s self esteem, not to mention a failure of that same individual to stand up and be counted for what and who they really are. Whether the blame lies on the individuals attempting to place a set worth on the one or the one’s inability to speak for their own worth it is a serious failure that can mark a person for some time to come.

If you know what you’re worth then don’t let anyone try to tell you different.

Go out and get what your worth, don’t settle.

This is the problem that many people face and it has a lot to do with how we go about getting what we want. While some people don’t have the same opportunities others have many opportunities and simply don’t take them. The idea that there is something holding people back in this day and age is still quite valid in some cases, but in others it’s used as an excuse to not have to do as much. In other words people want what they think they’re worth but aren’t willing to undergo the work and hardship to get it. Work can be hard, earning a living can be harder, and proving your worth to others can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. But through the act of showing others what you’re worth comes the reward of knowing that you’ve shown that you’ve earned your place in this world.

If you aren’t willing to prove your worth then it begins to drop in value no matter what you think.

You’re only worth what you’re willing to give.

Get that? It’s not just about what you can earn from others. It’s about what you’re willing to give up in order to prove your worth. The world around us is a give and take system. In order to get something you must give something, even if it’s something you don’t mind giving up. For many of us it’s our time, our effort, and in some cases years of our lives in order to earn something truly great that we desire. You might be worth a great deal in time, but only so long as you’re willing to give enough to justify it. Those that have everything and give virtually nothing aren’t worth the money they toss around without meaning, as their reputations alone are worth pennies on the dollar at the very best. The fact that they have so much is because they’ve convinced others that banking on them is a worthy cause. In truth, the lowliest worker that brings home minimum wage, is trying to better themselves through schooling, and takes care of those that matter to them is better than the richest, most pampered millionaire that does nothing but increase their reputation through some of the most useless acts known to mankind.

What you’re worth isn’t always reflected by what you’re given.

Don’t overestimate your self-worth.

You might feel as though you’re worth everything you want, but the chances are that unless you’ve contributed something to society and helped others on a massive scale, you’re not worth nearly what you’re thinking. Those that go out and make a difference in the lives of others, who help people with every action they take, are definitely worth what they’re given in life and are often grateful for the chance to accept the praise and well-deserved accolades. Those people tend to worry more about making life great for someone else than they do about any monetary reward or boost to their reputation simply because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Wanting everything isn’t a sin, believing you deserve it ‘just because’ however is the mark of a selfish heart.

Knowing what you’re worth isn’t always a monetary or reputation-based belief. Those that know what they’re worth don’t always go looking for praise, but are humble and grateful when they receive it.

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