There are those that say they want to be alone and those that can actually handle being alone. The big difference between them is who can actually take the solitude and who will go stark raving mad and start seeking solace in others the moment they start talking to themselves. Being alone is not the act of a crazed, delusional, or antisocial mind. It’s simply the desire to be alone with one’s thoughts, to contemplate one’s place in the world, and at times to just get some peace and quiet that comes from not having to talk to anyone on a constant basis.

The only downside is that if you’ve had someone in your life in the past being alone can be a very daunting place to go back to. As social animals human beings definitely need other people to interact with, but there are those moments when you simply feel the desire to be alone and to gather your thoughts, or let them fly free as you find solace in the empty moments devoid of other people.

Being alone is not as lonely as it sounds.

Some people, introverts a lot of the time, tend to want to be alone because they can’t handle the thought of being in a crowd. They take solace in books, video games, hobbies, anything and everything that they can do alone and don’t need someone else for. This isn’t necessarily because they are antisocial, it’s simply their comfort zone, their place of refuge where they can escape from the world and feel normal in their own space. Plus, the thoughts in their head and the interactions with the world around them offer plenty of solace since they don’t come from other people.

There’s nothing wrong with taking ‘me’ time when it’s needed.

There are responsibilities to be considered when remaining alone.

It’s very true that the only person you’re responsible for is you and that it should be easy to see to YOUR needs. But in doing so it’s often easy to find that you might allow certain things to slip and personal habits to develop that are not entirely conducive to those moments when you still need to interact with the world around you and the people in it. Being alone carries the responsibility of still being able to connect to the world in some way, even if it’s small and seemingly inconsequential. It’s ironic really that by getting away from the world to be alone you’ll still need to find a way to be a part of it at some point. But that’s the task that any person accepts when they decide to go off on their own.

Even the lone wolf has to meander out into the wilds now and again.

Being alone can make you stronger.

Look at it this way: you have to rely on yourself if you remain alone. No one else will be there to help you barring family or friends, the effort of staying up and staying alive is on you. This breeds the kind of strength and self-reliance that a lot of people don’t have if they are continually supported by a network of people. Granted, those that have good social skills and stay connected with friend and family and are able to talk to others and stand being in crowds can be just as strong, but without their support that claim comes into question. The loner has to be strong in order to survive and to thrive. They rely on themselves and no one else, so their strength has to come from their own solid base.

Anyone can be strong, but those that choose to stay alone have to endure for much longer than those that remain connected to others.


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