“Sheer cliffs to either side,” Merida said with a grimace, “There’s no place for me t’ hook an arrow an’ there sure isn’t a single spot to scale the wall, at least not within reach.”

“So the front gate is it?” Red asked, looking frustrated as she looked up at the battlements above. They’d seen and heard no sign of Snow, so if she knew what had transpired out here just moments ago she was likely ignoring it.

“There is a way,” Mulan replied, “Though I doubt we will enjoy it.”

“Oh, right,” Merida quipped, “Because we’re really enjoyin’ ourselves as of now.”

Mulan just rolled her eyes as she turned around, her blade bouncing against her leg as she began to walk away.

“An’ where are ye goin’ now?” Merida asked, motioning for Red to join her as they followed after their leader.

Mulan sighed as she waited for them to catch up. She didn’t want to chance being overheard just in case Snow was nearby. Once they came within close range she spoke, though as she thought her words did not have the desired effect.

“Yer daft!” Merida exclaimed, “D’you have any idea how rank that sounds?”

“It does sound like a rather awful idea,” Red agreed, “but it might be the only in we have.”

“An’ now you too?!” Merida exclaimed, “Do either of ye have any idea how badly that’s goin’ t’ stink?!”

Mulan turned suddenly, fire in her eyes as she looked back at Merida. The redheaded princess didn’t budge an inch, but neither did she advance.

“If you don’t want to go then by all means, guard the front gate and we’ll be along in due time.”

With that Mulan turned on her heel and started walking away again. Red could only offer Merida a shrug of her shoulders as she followed. After another moment and a head-shaking growl of frustration Merida followed as well.

(to be continued)

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