“Dressed for learning” sounds like a rather open statement, but it’s never that open according to many schools these days. The dress codes that schools enforce are becoming more of a hindrance and a possible lawsuit for discrimination than anything useful. Plus, a lot of the dress codes that exist seemed geared towards girls more than boys for many obvious reasons.

There are good reasons for dress codes in schools sometimes, as they can be pushed for the safety of the students and to promote a more professional attitude that high school students especially will need to learn upon graduating. But some of the rules seem just a tad too strict, ridiculous, or even well beyond the realm of feasibility when it comes to considering just what is acceptable and what isn’t.

After all, if a kid can’t be comfortable in their own clothes at school it sends a message that the school simply doesn’t want them there. Okay maybe not, but it does send the message that conformity is the only way to successfully get along in school.

A lot of rules seem to be geared towards girls and young women rather than boys.

Not wearing revealing clothing can be aimed at both boys and girls but more often it’s aimed at girls for the reason that girls seem to wear the most revealing clothes. Tank tops, halter tops, belly shirts, short-shorts, anything that reveals too much skin is generally off limits in a school setting. Yet some schools don’t even allow a young woman to bare her shoulders even if the rest of her body is covered up. Shorts and skirts have to be a certain length so that they don’t ‘distract’ boys. Makeup and hair has to conform to what the school allows or the child might be sent home or even suspended. And all of this is supposedly for the girls’ benefit so that boys won’t ogle them and have impure thoughts. Yet at the same time they’re criticized for the way they dress because boys might get distracted.

Anyone ever thought of teaching their boys to RESPECT young ladies and NOT ogle at them like slavering dogs? Oh, that must be a new thought that’s been brought up about a thousand times this month.

School uniforms aren’t the worst idea, so long as families can afford them.

A school uniform is usually met with a certain amount of resistance and a lot of conformity since no student or parent wants to be the outsider that doesn’t belong or doesn’t want their child to have the same opportunities because they won’t conform. But the cost of a uniform can be kind of high for some families. Programs might exist that will allow the families to pay them off, but having to buy multiple uniforms and different uniforms for class and for gym could be extremely costly.

Uniforms aren’t a bad idea save for the cost, which could hopefully be put on a payment plan or absorbed somehow into the cost of the school.

A dress code is not a bad thing for any school to have since you don’t want to allow kids to wear certain clothing that might denote affiliation with a gang (it happens sadly) or that could cause them bodily harm in one way or another. You also don’t want students coming in wearing bikinis, swimming trunks, and treating the school like it’s summer break all year long. T-shirts, pants, dresses that don’t double as belts, skirts and shorts that leave a lot to the imagination, shoes that are practical, accessories that aren’t heavy and cumbersome, and even makeup and hairstyles that aren’t overly distracting to ANYONE would be preferred, but there has to be a limit to what the school can regulate.

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