On the southwestern corner of the state of Washington there’s a place where people go to have fun, stick around a while, and enjoy some of the down home pleasures that have been around for nearly a century or more. Long Beach, Washington, a town that was created as a place for those seeking to find a location to unwind and just kick back, was incorporated in 1922 and has been a popular vacation spot now for decades, attracting people from far and wide for its quaint and laid back feeling that allows for total relaxation or just a pleasing walk through the wilds that still remain an integral part of this wonderful getaway.

There’s plenty to do in town as well, with enough shops to satisfy most people and oddities to be seen throughout. Eateries of all types exist along the main strip and there’s even a huge arcade that families can enjoy as well as horseback rides, a theater behind the main strip, and of course, the ever-popular go-carts that people tend to flock towards.

Festivals are a big part of the experience as well.


There are many festivals that take place on the peninsula in one town or another and they’re all easy to get to provided that you get there before everyone else. Let’s just say it gets a bit crowded depending on what festival it is. The Kite Festival, as seen above, is one of the biggest attractions the peninsula has to offer and it tends to be wall to wall people at times, both in town and on the beach. The 4th of July is another big draw, as are the Cranberry and Garlic festivals that occur every year.

The boardwalk offers a nice, relaxing walk that allows you a great view of the ocean nearby.


Some that don’t know like to claim that the boardwalk has been a part of Long Beach’s history for decades, and that’s not entirely untrue. It was put in place in the 1980s and has been a hallmark of the town ever since.

There are miles and miles of trails to explore.


You can walk, run, or ride your bikes along the miles of trail that are to be found running up and down the coast. Every inch of these trails is maintained to give those that want to explore them the chance to see what’s out there and to explore the peninsula in all its natural glory.

Long Beach is one of those places you come to have fun, relax, and just take it easy, well away from the hustle and bustle of the world that lays just a little further inland. While you’re here it’s easy to forget the fast pace of the world you leave behind, if only for a day.

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