“On yer left!” Merida called out to Red, not bothering to watch as the crimson-hooded woman ducked a heavy-handed swipe from the claws of one of the creatures before jumping back up and burying her left axe in the back of its arm. The strike was so powerful that it nearly separated the appendage from the creature’s shoulder, though it did manage to hobble the beast as it went flying off, losing altitude with each beat of its wings.

Red took care of another of the beasts as it lumbered towards her on the ground, wings flapping as it tried to grab hold of her. It was like grabbing smoke however since Red was not there, nimbly moving out of the way and rolling around to the back of the creature as she delivered a heavy blow to the back of its head that put it down, not dead but certainly out of the fight.

Mulan was faring just as well as her blade fairly sang as she moved through her enemies with ease, skewering one with her blade and then ducking aside as another came in for the kill from behind her. The attacking beast collided with the mortally wounded comrade now in front of it and the two went tumbling away as Mulan decided to set her sights on another creature that had come too close, taking the top half of its lumpen, horned head off with one swipe of her blade.

“How many o’ these things are there?!” Merida asked, raising her voice as she fired another arrow.

“Not enough!” Red growled, her eyes burning with anger as she cut down one creature after another, not bothering to check if they were dead before she moved on. It didn’t take too long for the three of them to mow down the force of winged beasts that had assailed them, but the gate to the castle’s interior remained close. If Snow had witnessed the carnage she wasn’t bothering to react, or perhaps she figured hiding in her castle was the better option.

“Well?” Merida asked, looking at Mulan.

“Well what?” Mulan asked, flicking the dark, foul-smelling blood from her blade, “Did you want to face another round of these things?”

Merida and Red exchanged a look before saying in unison, “Hells no.”

Mulan nodded, “Then let’s find a way in.”

(to be continued)

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