Patched together writings from August 9th 2018:

It is moronic political pundits like Symone Sanders that give the Democrats a bad name and beings one of many causes as to why Democrats to lose in key states to Trump again. While Symone Sanders rambles on about which tweets are and are not racist, as if this is a concern to the majority of American people, there are major concerns needing to be addressed about automation, the failings of the public school system, China new found dominance in global politics, institutional racism, and student loans amongst a plethora. Again, not to say that racism isn’t an issue but it seems progressives are caught up in the petty racism rather than the larger more affecting issue of institutional racism. The Republicans, Trump supporters, and even liberals have used the trap of petty racism to rightly and wrongfully discredit progressive pundits, content creators, and advocates. 

It is difficult to say if this progressive movement truly represents the democratic party now, but it certainly will be after this election. The Democrats will not win an election while they are in the midst of an ideological shift that will continue having members kick themselves out of the party. The number of registered independents will continue to rise because Trump and progressives have transformed their perspective parties into a shell of their former themselves. Not too many years ago it was hard to tell the difference between a Moderate Democrat and Moderate Republican, but now there is a clear difference between progressives and Trump style politics forcing an unaligned middle to pick between forming extremes. Not to say change wasn’t needed from the two barely different two party system, however, the shift apart was not only rapid but potentially overly divisive. 

And truly in all this independents get screwed, for example, in my home state of Florida I am not allowed to vote in primaries. Some states do allow independents to vote in primaries, but when it comes time to the actual election they are left with two real options unless they want to “protest vote.” America’s two party system is a toxic mess that either makes people vote for one of two extremes or one of two candidates that are virtually the same.

However, this time around we know the candidates will have some dramatic differences, the democrats will put up a progressive akin to the populist Bernie Sanders in the hopes of toppling Trump. In my mind, there are only 3 real candidates should run in the democratic primary. 

Elizabeth Warren is a woman who can be described as coo coo bananas and a fake Indian American. Although I am sympathetic to her because she has the same demeanor as my step grandmother. Elizabeth Warren is an intelligent well spoken woman who can guarantee a large portion of the women’s vote with her calm nature that directly opposes the bumbling brooding bravado of Trump. She was one of the main political voices in the midst of tragic Parkland shooting, a tragedy that only resulted in slight gun reform in the state of Florida, however because of Warren’s words during Parkland she has also locked in the liberal youth voters. Yet, I am uncertain the youth of 2020 will vote with any veracity let alone go out in droves, and those that will go out will mostly be conservative. 

The next is Keith Ellison a Minnesota senator. However, he will lose a lot of votes solely due to the fact that he is a Muslim. Americans who don’t vote for senators, mayors, and governors to same veracity as they do for the president, will not elect a Muslim in office. Let me explain, when you have isolated voter base they are more likely to vote for fringe candidates, however on a large scale for the highest office in the land voters won’t take those same risks as often. America is not yet ready to vote for someone who openly is not some domination of Christian. Fear of Islam rings heavily throughout the nation because the only thing that many Americans know about Islam is that Muslims blow people up. 

Lastly, there is Cory Booker, the safe choice. There is not much that can be said about safety, but safety will not win an election in the face of Trump’s sheer charisma. Cory Booker despite his minority status may not even be able to pull away Trump’s strong black voting base. Trump to the surprise of many appeals to larger portions of minority voters than any other Republican. Cory Booker’s generic smile and policy will not turn the vote of Black Americans and elderly Cubans away from Trump. If Cory Booker wins the nomination, he’ll be like Clinton, polling well, but will ultimately lose. 

-David Vills

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