There are quite a few people that would claim to be confident when in fact they’ve already stepped over the line and become more than a little arrogant. What’s the difference though? That’s pretty simple, confidence is knowing you’re good at something without having to spread the word in order for others to know. Arrogance is shouting to the world that you’re the best at something, especially when it’s not true.

It’s possible to be confident as well as arrogant, but it’s a potent mix that turns a lot of people off even as it attracts some. There are those that love arrogant people because they exude a sense of confidence that they feel is strength and vitality that is desirable and inspirational. One thing to know about this world is that it takes all types to run it, but those for whom arrogance is a key factor tend to think that they’re the only ones that understand how.

It’s almost sad sometimes, but the arrogant manner of those who believe themselves to be better easily cancels out any sense of pity.

Arrogance tends to alienate a lot of people a it is a typically negative quirk.

Many people can’t stand arrogance even if they’re guilty of it. The negativity it can bring is hardly ever welcome and the act of using it when conversing with others is off-putting in a way that simply doesn’t allow for it to be seen as a positive thing. There are those that know how to use arrogance to their advantage, but quite often it is a failing that forces individuals to put themselves ahead of, or above, others in a way that is not always justified and is almost always harmful to the emotional and psychological health of others. The best part about arrogance however is that it’s easy to ignore, as those who practice it think that so many are beneath their notice that they won’t pay attention to those they see as ‘commoners’.

Let those folks stick their noses in the air, it’ll catch up with them eventually.

Confidence comes with knowing what you can do, and knowing that you’re superior to some but not better than any.

You can feel superior to others when it comes to your capabilities and what you’ve accomplished, you’re allowed as a human being. But the caution would be to not let it go to your head. Know what you can do, enjoy the fact that you can do it, but don’t feel the need to lord it over anyone. In this world no one is better than anyone when it comes down to the basics. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we all have a set of skills that we excel at. Some of us have more highly-developed skill sets than others while some are talented in other ways. Confidence comes when you admit your mistakes and move forward, learning from them as you work to help your fellow human beings.

There’s no need to rub your talent in anyone’s face, metaphorically-speaking.

Don’t waste time trying to impress people, do what you do and be glad you can do it.

This is where confidence fails sometimes. People become so self-aware of what they can do that their confidence begins to override their good sense and allows them to become rather haughty in what they can do and how they go about flaunting it to others. This is usually the moment when their confidence turns sour and becomes arrogance as they continually remind others that they are simply the best and can’t be topped. Of course when that inevitable moment comes many arrogant individuals simply can’t handle it and will turn upon anyone that is at hand.

Fake news, anyone?

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