There’s a place in Long Beach, Washington that people all across the nation know about in one way or another. You’ll see bumper stickers, flyers, anything and everything that can be stamped with the symbol of this place that allows people to remember it and you’ll know that they’ve been to the Washington coast at some point. Marsh’s Free Museum has stood since 1935 and if you can believe it the place started as a candy and ice cream shop before being made into a burger joint. Today there’s still a burger joint located at the end of the building and they do still sell candy, but the ice cream is long gone. What’s not long gone are the many oddities that the original owners and operators started buying up from anyone that was looking to get rid of something.

Just walking around this place is like taking a trip through someone’s attic back in the 30s, and it only gets better the further in you go.

You’ll see the old with the new.


Marsh’s has a lot of fun things to see and a lot of them range from the mundane to the outrageous as you can see. From dishes and flatware to sculptures to antiques to anything and everything that might catch your eye, they’ve got it.

They’re watching, always watching….


If you’re creeped out by animal heads and stuffed beasts then you might not want to take a walk around this place since just about anywhere you look there are specimens hanging from the walls, the ceiling, and in some cases standing on the shelves in poses meant to inspire or possibly to ward off evil spirits. Hey, just sayin’……

There’s always a good time at Marsh’s.

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For a nickel you might get to experience a show or just have a good laugh if you decide to spend the money and take a peek. Marsh’s is filled with oddities that date back decades and are good fun for just about everyone.

And of course, the one guy you can’t forget.


Jake the Alligator Man is how Marsh’s is known so well since out of all the oddities in this place he’s got to be the one that’s the most iconic and the most exposed when it comes to people knowing who he is. He’s been on display in Marsh’s for so long that a lot of people can barely remember when he was first brought to the place. All they do know is that every time you walk in it’s always polite to say “Hey Jake”.

And that, is just one more reason why I love my home.

Long Beach for life y’all.

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