So many people would give so many answers for this simple question that it’s amazing that a lot of them wouldn’t give it two seconds to think about it. For some it’s pretty simple, for others they might actually have to take that time to sit down and ponder it. Of course that’s very natural since it’s a question that has more than one implication. Where does your heart lie?

Obviously from the picture above you can see where mine lies, but it’s not the only place, or the only claim upon my heart that exists.

So what, or who, can lay claim to yours?

The heart is a wonderful thing in theory, as it can love a great many things, and people, at the same time.

The metaphysical human heart can reach a great many things, places, and people in a lifetime and in some cases it can be full for all of them and encompass the world in a way that is hard to fully explain. There are those that are born with bigger than average hearts that simply feel for others in a manner that is hard to fathom since they have such an empathetic soul that they can’t help but feel. Others seem to feel nothing, while others feel for various people and places due to nostalgia or other factors. Who, what, and where we choose to love has a great deal to do with who we are and what we value.

Some people have a well-defined sense of where their heart truly rests.

There are people that will lay claim to certain parts of the world or people no matter if they’ve never been there or met the person. It might seem misguided at times but there are those that idealize and in many ways love those places or people they will never get to see. Those that have been to various places and met many people however will no doubt have their favorites and will enjoy those that bring them the greatest pleasure. But there will always be that one place, even if it’s due to one moment in time, where a person will feel the most comfortable, and where they will find true happiness.

Holding on to those loves is not always possible in reality, but the feeling will remain.

It might be that you can never go back to place where you found real happiness, or that the person you found it with is gone. But the great thing about heartfelt moments is that they don’t just go away. Those emotions that create such moments are strong, and will in fact be preserved simply because they’ve become a priority to your emotional well-being. The heart guides the mind just as the mind tries to rationalize what the heart is feeling, and in doing so both manage secure the best of memories when it comes to the overall happiness of the individual.



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