Okay so that might be a little harsh since a lot of us have taken at least one or two selfies in their lives, or maybe a thousand, who knows. But the one thing that seems accurate to say about the selfie is that they’re not really needed ALL THE TIME. Those that post them now and again to let their friends and others see on social media are typically wanting to say hey and perhaps show that they’re doing alright and don’t bog people down with one picture after another of them in this outfit, that outfit, in this place, or that place. The selfie can be used as something other than a vanity tool, but for some it’s definitely another mirror in which they can see their face and glorify in the hypocrisy that is them.

A lot of people are turned off by social media when it comes to selfies since too many people seem to think it’s absolutely needed that people see their face on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. The idea that anyone needs to plug their face online so many times in a given day is kind of hard to believe but it does happen. If Kim Kardashian can make a whole book of selfies just to try and get her face out there a little more then you know that pretty much anyone can take that many selfies in a day.

So what’s the problem with selfies? Nothing much really except if you happen to stare at your camera at the wrong moment, or assume that people are going to want to see your smiling face in various locations at various times in various outfits with various people. The selfie can be just as addicting as anything it seems, and for some people it’s hard to understand (hand raised) since we don’t really ascribe to the kind of self-love that our phones are capable of enabling us to feel.

There’s a reason this is such a short article. There’s a ton that can be said about selfies, but social media already gives people free leave to post them out of control that I don’t feel the need to keep talking about them, at least not on this site.

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