Life isn’t meant to be all sunshine and good times. It’s not meant to be miserable either, but one guarantee in this life is that some point and time you’re going to hurt no matter how it happens or when. This seems like a depressing way to look at life but it’s very realistic and in looking at things this way there’s one certainty: you can learn how to survive it.

Few people ever want pain, it’s not something we strive for as human beings and it’s not always something we want to endure. Pain is a distraction, constant hurts are a reminder of things that have gone wrong, and overall the hurtful moments of being human are best left in the past as soon as they’ve happened. But there is a way that the more hurtful times of humanity can be useful, if you just look.

Pain teaches us a lesson, no matter how unwanted it is.

The moment you forget what pain is like is the moment that living becomes a little too unreal. You don’t have to actively hurt yourself to live, nor do you need to hold on to the pain that comes now and then from being alive. But it does pay to learn from it. Pain reminds us that we’re alive and that we’re still breathing. It tells us that there is in fact a limit to which we can go, and how far we can push ourselves.

Pain is a teacher that we don’t value until later.

The hurt one experiences as a human being helps us to grow.

Many of us have lost loved ones in our lives, it’s a commonality of the human race that isn’t going to be avoided. Some have lost loved ones young, others have watched their elders fade away as they grow into adults. No matter what age you are seeing someone you care about pass on hurts, as it means they’ll no longer be there when you need them. But it teaches us a very important truth about life, that being hurt in such a manner is an opportunity to grow and to strengthen ourselves against the hurt that will come. Lives end abruptly and they end after many years, but the point is that they end, and in doing so it causes a great deal of hurt to those that care about them. But the ability to learn from such pain is what allows people to continually grow stronger.

One way or another, you will be hurt in life.

Physical pain is easy to get over most of the time unless it’s continual and chronic. But pains of the heart and the soul take so much longer to recover from. However if one can in fact recover they grow stronger in a way that is not measured by physical means. Instead they begin to realize the truth behind every breath we take. We will hurt at one point, and we will need to be strong to weather through it.

Life is pain, but life is wonderful as well. If you can accept the pain, then the joy will be all the more worth it.

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