It’s always amusing to listen to people from different countries and their different accents. This time I’m looking at the Irish and how they view American movies in which actors are trying affect Irish accents. From the get-go it’s pretty funny since genuine Irish folks listening to others trying to pick up the Irish lilt tend to have a look that says “are you kidding?”. You can understand it however since it’d be the same in America if an actor tried to come to our country from another part of the world and attempted to take up a regional accent and just butchered it horribly.

The funniest part is that even Americans can look at some of these actors and really laugh since between the actor’s attempt and an actual Irish person that still have evidence of a strong accent from their country there’s no contest.

Tom Cruise

His accent seems to come and go without much of any real characteristic of the Irish other than the strange facsimile that he was meant to convey. Honestly Cruise should stick to Mission Impossible as he’s done for so many years and call it a day. His acting is solid but his accents are horrible.

Gerard Butler

He’s a great actor and is actually Scottish so he does have that deep accent. But it would seem that a Scottish accent when compared to an Irish one is almost like comparing the Pacific Northwest with the Southern states. One can usually emulate the other but it might not always come off the right way and it might sound a bit forced or garbled. In this case the guy saying that he sounded like had hot stone in his mouth was pretty amusing.

Sean Connery

Now this is a guy you would think could pull off an accent. But then sometimes old dogs can’t always learn new tricks that well it would seem since he goes from Scottish to Irish then to American and back and forth in a strange mixture of accents that slam into one another repeatedly. He’s not the worst of the bunch but he does seem to leave a rather dull impression on those watching.

Brad Pitt

It’s surprising but Brad was actually the guy that impressed the watchers the most. He pushed his accent so far and had such a quick tempo that to many that don’t follow he was speaking gibberish. But if you listen more than once to the movie then you’ll find it easier to understand him. Hats off to Brad since he seems to be the one that impressed the Irish the most with his sort of cockney accent.

Again it was fun to watch people from Ireland critiquing those trying to create an Irish accent since obviously no one but those from the actual country where the accent originated would know better just how it sounds to the trained ear. An Irish accent is actually a very pleasing one to listen to but it’s harder than people think to replicate and perfect.

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