Origin (formerly Long Beach Peninsula)

May 8th, 2073

“Your father?” the caretaker asked, lowering his gaze slightly, “Tidesun….”

The caretaker’s eyes widened almost imperceptibly as he looked back at Seth, “Poseidon.”

Seth, nervous, but resolute enough as he heard the name of his estranged father, merely nodded. He was indeed the son of another Ellevayne, a rather powerful one that had passed, as he’d been told, in battle not terribly long ago. What little he’d been told was that the immortal turned deity had been a part of the group that had struck a bargain to go after one of the Chosen, the last of them in fact, and had lost.

They had lost everything, but the one thing that no Ellevayne wanted to lose. As the caretaker drew something forth from his pocket Seth’s heart nearly stopped in his chest as he saw it. A symbol, no larger than a nectarine in width and height, rested in the caretaker’s fist. The symbol looked as though it was made of some type of metal, but as Seth already knew it couldn’t be sundered or even destroyed as easily as metal. It was the focus of an immortal, an Ellevayne’s heart in other words.

His kind assumed physical form, but being composed of pure energy they could dismiss their form at will, but only so long as they possessed their focus, the heart of their being. As he’d suspected, his father’s was shaped in the likeness of the famed trident that he’d carried for so long, the four-pronged head of the weapon looking sleek and quite vicious.

“How did you come by this?” Seth managed, looking upon the symbol with something akin to awe.

“Your father fought the Champion of the Chosen in open combat,” the caretaker said, an almost wistful note coming to his voice, “and he lost.”

“The, Champion,” Seth breathed, “He took, trophies?”

“Not trophies,” the caretaker grumbled, “But he couldn’t bear to see any immortal sent to the Calling without good purpose.”

Seth knew what he meant, as the focus of an Ellevayne was the only thing that kept them from joining the energies of the world upon their passing or when assuming another form. Without their focus they would revert back to the primordial force from which they’d sprung, lost until one day their energy was transferred to another.

“How did you get it?” Seth asked suddenly, cocking his head in curiosity.

The caretaker just looked at Seth, his dark eyes revealing nothing.

(to be concluded)

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