We tell each other to ‘watch your mouth’ or ‘mind your words’ when we feel threatened, insulted, or even as though we’re walking a dangerous line with the utterances that are passing between our lips or those of others. It seems odd to think that sounds that are given meaning by society and civilization can be damaging in any way, but it’s true. The words we speak can carry a lot more power than we realize sometimes and the belief that they can wound is very real. Wars have begun with words and led to actions that can’t be taken back, and lives have been ruined with just a few words spoken in the wrong ears.

Words are dangerous if you don’t mind what you’re doing with them.

It’s true, the words we speak have more force and more meaning to them than we think about sometimes. The turn of a phrase, the subtle digs and quips that we use at times with those we feel comfortable with, there are moments when even those can be taken wrong. What one person feels is nothing more than a minor offense could be taken as something that cuts as deep as any wound and is impossible to take back. Words can lay a person to the bone if one isn’t careful, and such hurts are difficult if not impossible to heal without a monumental amount of effort.

If you’re not mindful of what you say at the right time you could end up losing those that matter most in your life.

On the upside, words only wound if you allow them to.

If you know how to speak in the presence of any given person and know how to weather the storm of words that another can unleash upon you then congratulations, you’ve reached a higher state of self than many ever achieve in a lifetime. Words will bother us from time to time no matter how inured we are against them, but whether they are devastating or merely irritating is highly dependent upon the person they are being levied against. It is easy to say that words can’t wound if one only wishes it to be so, but through experience and a practice in self-worth one can come to realize that another’s opinion of them will only mean something if they are invested in that person and tend to care what they think.

If you are invested in yourself and know your worth then there are few if any in this world that could possibly scratch the surface of your psyche, let alone stab you through the metaphysical heart with a well-placed verbal thrust. Words only hurt those that don’t know how to use them, or to take them in stride.

Knowing your self-worth is the best defense against the words of another, while knowing the words to use and how to use them, and WHEN to use them, constitutes the wisdom needed to weather the verbal storm that hangs above humanity like a cloud at times.

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