There is a reason why the concept of Good will never be fully able to abolish the concept of Evil. Humanity is in love with both, but will openly condemn either one to suit our purposes. We wish to believe we’re virtuous, deserving of patience, respect, forgiveness, and understanding, but in the same breath we know that we are capable of great deceit, violence, and the kind of aggressive behavior that has all but destroyed uncounted souls throughout the history of the species.

The concepts of Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin as the saying goes, and abolishing one is as impossible to us as it would be to have a one-sided sheet of paper to write our life story upon. The moment one was eradicated, if it was at all possible, the purpose for the other would disappear. Evil must have Good to be kept in check, and Good must have Evil in order to maintain a purpose in the world we know.

Neutrality is the tenuous peace between the two that many do not believe in, and yet many would gladly find in order to quell the continuous argument between either side.

Those that do evil will take things further than those that seek to do good.

By definition evil acts are those that are deemed as those which upset the natural order of things and are seen to be morally repugnant. Those that can commit such acts without blinking are not only hard to stop, they’re bound to keep going until someone crosses the boundary and decides to break the rules a little in order to serve justice. It’s possible for good people to stop evil from being done, but only if they’re ready to get a little dirty and even aggressive in halting the actions of those that seek to commit evil acts as a habit. The law of many lands won’t permit those that seek to do good to stoop to the level of the criminals, for fear that those that do would become no better than those they hunt down.

Honestly and truthfully however, if one isn’t willing to step across that moral boundary then they don’t stand against a chance against a truly evil individual.

The concept of Good and Evil is horribly muddied on a regular basis.

What one person might call evil another might think is simply a byproduct of doing something that is ultimately good. A bank robbery could be used to pay for a life-saving operation. A murder could be justified to rid a neighborhood of a truly dangerous person. It takes only a single justification sometimes for an evil act to be committed, and once that happens the chance to turn back isn’t always so easily taken. Evil acts are like an infection that can weigh heavily upon a person’s mind. They can cause that individual to feel extreme and damaging guilt as it remains unresolved, or it can become something that might very well be seen as a justified habit that others will see as inexplicably evil.

Evil is easy to justify.

Neither Evil nor Good can be abolished.

They’re simply too intertwined, and have been since the moment the first human beings did wrong to others of their species. If one side was ever scoured away somehow the other side would begin to crumble. The only way to shore it up would be to admit that evil deeds are needed in order to keep the balance between the two, no matter how bad it can be.

Real evil will always endure not because good-hearted souls do nothing, but because it will cross those lines that good will not, and therefore keep the natural order that is essential for this world to run. Utopia is not a natural state of being, but the imperfect world we know, THAT is what is natural.

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