For anyone that’s ever performed a powerlift or just been a part of a gym this is something you might be interested in and might want to see. This goes back to gym etiquette and how you treat people regardless of any issue you might have or how much of an authority you are in any situation.

On August 2nd nineteen-year old Charles-Antoine Lalonde was powerlifting at a local Buzzfit gym in Montreal. He was performing a lift known as a deadlift, which is when the individual lifts a bar laden with weights to hip level from the ground and then lowers it back down. With enough weight on the bar this is a noticeably noisy lift and often requires something to be placed below the weights so as to reduce the noise that is caused when the heavy steel plates are lowered to the ground.

Lalonde had actually complied with the request to put rubber mats beneath the weights as you can see in the video, but with 350 lbs. on the bar such a lift is still going to make a fair amount of noise since that much weight can’t be lowered slowly and without any noise at all. Unfortunately for Lalonde he was accosted during mid-set when one of the other gym members took offense to the noise he was making and decided to confront him.

Taking up an issue with another person is fine, but the manner in which the other man went about it was all wrong from the start. Coming in with an aggressive attitude was definitely not the way to go, but shoving the bar down in the manner he did, by pushing down with one foot while Lalonde was still in mid-lift, was just stupid, not to mention dangerous.

Anyone that’s ever performed this or any other power lift knows very well that when you’re in the middle of a rep your body is horribly exposed in many ways to several different injuries if something goes wrong. In the middle of a deadlift any number of things can go wrong depending on what happens. In this video Lalonde’s knees, his back, or even his neck could have been injured had he not let go of the bar when he did.

In shortened terms, what the other member did constitutes an assault, and more than that he had no call even bothering Lalonde in such a manner since the 19-year old was complying with the gyms requests and was minding his own business. The other gym member is the type of person you hope to never see at the gym, someone that thinks they can run the place simply because they’re a member. In every way this should have been shut down and the other member should have had their membership revoked and been arrested for assault.

The gym is not the kind of place you want to pull this kind of stunt, especially if the person you’re messing with can deadlift your weight with ease.

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