What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of looking like a fool, or perhaps of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing? You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last, but if you’re too afraid of looking foolish to even try then you’ve already failed.

The art of living is best experienced when you get out and try, no matter if you fail or succeed. Trying is to many people a futile effort since it would seem that being accepting of failure is something that essentially makes you a failure in the first place. But if all you do is win then you still fail. How’s that you ask? If you never fall, then how in the world do you know how to get back up?

Failing, or falling, is essential to growth and development of any person.

Don’t let anyone fool you, at one point or another in their life they’ve found themselves wanting when it came to something, even if it was a minor setback. We tend to build ourselves up based on success rather than failure sometimes, or others will do it for us, and in a sense they enable that feeling that success is the only thing that a person can be measured by. In order to reach that success however you have to fall on your face sometimes, or all the success in the world won’t matter if you don’t know the other end of the spectrum. Failure is not a desired thing by any means, but it’s an important part of life since at one point or another, you will lose, and it’s important to know how to handle it.

If you always win then there’s a good chance you have no idea how to lose, or how to accept it when the inevitable happens.

You don’t get to turn back the clock.

This could mean so many things but in this case it alludes to the fact that one day, somehow, you will lose. It doesn’t matter if you’re lucky enough to win every time when you’re younger, one way or another that luck will run out and you will be forced to take a loss. What happens when that time finally comes however will help to define you as a person, and will come to define the moments in your life that are the most important from there on. Those that learn how to lose early on in life are oftentimes those that learn how to accept the loss while still striving for the win. Time however is the only opponent that will continue to work with a deck stacked in its favor, as it will never run out of trump cards for those that believe that winning is the only option.

One way or another we all lose to time.

If you try you MIGHT fail, if you don’t try, you automatically fail.

There’s always a chance of failure or success if you try something, anything, but the only time when failure is assured is when you don’t try at all. Those that decide to take the easy way out and not try anything are those that miss out, that don’t ever seem to have much of a life, or are at the very least some of the most bland, boring people in the world. It’s more interesting to learn how a person failed a hundred times then how they decided to walk away from the challenge just once.

Get out and try something, you might surprise yourself.

Life is for trying, no matter what it is.

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