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We lie to ourselves when we say that it’s not our fault, that there’s nothing we can do, that our failures are not to be blamed on us. It’s always someone else’s fault, someone else’s problem, and the responsibility of someone else to deal with it.


The excuses we tell ourselves are an escape, a chance to dodge the responsibility we don’t want, and a coward’s back door that leads to only one place at the end of the path. Making excuses for failure is like following a winding path of self-doubt into a prison of our own making, and giving up is akin to throwing away the key.

There is no one else responsible for our lives.

From the time a person is a newborn to the moment they become a free-thinking, self-responsible adolescent their lives are in the care of those that tell them what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Once an individual becomes self-aware and is able to do things for themselves they start down the path of accountability, meaning that they begin to realize just what it means to be responsible for their own actions, their own failures, and their own success. At that point they are the ones that decide if they will rise or fall, and no one can keep them down if they don’t wish to stay down.

Somewhere along the line however people have seemed to come upon the idea that it’s okay to blame others for their failures in life, to glare at society for their inability to succeed. No matter our place in life, no matter our difficulty, there is always someone around that is willing to help if we’re willing to be brave enough to accept it. But taking that step is our responsibility. If a person chooses not to follow the path towards success due to fear or indecision then it is their responsibility and no one else’s. Listening to anyone that tells them it’s not possible is a fallacy, and one that is destined to become their line of thinking from then on.

By the time you’re able to think for yourself, you are your own person, and no one has the right to take that away.

The mental prisons that are created for individuals are of their own design.

Too many people decide to back themselves into a corner out of fear and then claim that they’ve been put there by others without their consent. They’re homeless because of someone else, they’re jobless because of someone else. They can’t better their lives because of something someone did, and so on and so forth.


They’re in that mental prison because they gave up, because they exhausted what they thought were their options without going beyond what they knew and trying every possible avenue of escape towards success. It’s hard, it’s accusatory, and it’s a rough lesson for anyone, but if you’re not willing to fight and even bleed for your success then you won’t ever get out of that mindset.

You won’t have a life unless you decide to live first.


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