Is reverse racism kind of silly? Yeah, of course it is. Is racism essentially silly despite being damaging and carrying a horrific history? Yeah, of course it is. Obviously you can see the difference between the two, and you can see that both are very real, but for some reason there are those that would gladly use reverse racism as an excuse when explaining why they didn’t get their way or get what they want. Y’know, because those same people have had those same opportunities over others for years and either haven’t taken them and just now noticed them, or because they needed a reason to feel slighted.

Does it feel fair when something is just for another race or an ethnic group and excludes others? Well let’s go on and ask anyone that’s been marginalized throughout the history of the nation and get their take on it. You might get a lot of answers that you don’t like but at least a good number of them would be honest. Yet white folks want to piss and moan about reverse racism as though it’s a growing epidemic. Maybe we should be trying to realize that instead of excluding one another we should be including each other in various facets of life that are meant to be enjoyed and experienced by whoever wants them and can do the work it takes to get them.

The ability to do something, anything, to prove that you belong where you want to be seems to get overlooked way too often.

Different people are skilled in different ways and have different affinities for various activities in this world. A black man or woman might be a great scholar, a white person might be a natural at writing, an Asian man or woman could possibly be a great actor, and so on and so forth. Race, color, and gender don’t limit a person as to what they can do with their lives, the people that judge by race, color, and gender do that. If you know what you can do then go out and do it, find a way, find someone that’s willing to help you if you need it. But don’t complain you’re not where you want to be because of someone else. That’s the act of a coward that won’t take responsibility for their own life, or a coward that feels the need to keep someone down when they’ve done nothing to deserve such treatment.

Yes, I did borrow a little from Rocky Balboa, but hey, those words were powerful.

Reverse racism does exist, but it’s about as bothersome as a rainy day.

So some folks want to exclude others…..okay. And that affects you how? If one door closes then find another, and if that door closes then keep moving on to the next. If all the doors close in your face you might want to take a step back and reassess the situation, as it might be you and your attitude and not the people telling you ‘no’. If people want to exclude others that’s their business. They could have a good reason or they could be contributing to the divisive attitude this country has had as of late, and that’s their problem. Keep pushing forward if you want something, not everyone’s going to lock you out.

If you really want something you’ll find a way to get it.

Everyone just listen up please.

The sins of the past are still around and they’re still carried by many people, some of them gladly and some with pride. Unfortunately there’s not much to be done about those individuals except to ignore them and move on. White folks, if you feel oppressed in any way do yourselves a favor and remember that many of your ancestors, excepting the Irish, have had the kind of privileges and rights that you have now for a long, long time. While much of it, but not all, is in the past, other races and yes, women, have had to fight, bleed, and in some cases die for the rights they have now, that white men have attempted to keep for themselves for so long.

Reverse racism is your big issue? Here’s a hanky, move along.

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