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It’s important to pick your battles and know when to step away, but it’s also just as important to know when to confront those you need to and don’t give in. Standing your ground against things such as injustice, hatred, and every other evil in this world is important for a lot of people as it reminds the rest of us that there’s something worth fighting for, a world that lies just beyond our own that might actually be a better place no matter how hard we have to fight for it.

But then, some of just live for the fight.

It’s a hard life to live sometimes but it’s one that brings fulfillment to some folks.

You don’t have to fight every battle but it does pay sometimes to be on edge and be ready when it comes. Being confrontational doesn’t necessarily mean being aggressive, overbearing, or arrogant. It means you’re ready to go when the moment calls for it and you’re not going to sit down or back up when that time comes. Being able to go out and confront the world and its many iniquities is a duty of every person, and a pleasure to some that simply enjoy the fight. You won’t always win, that’s a given, but you surely won’t lose if you simply stand up and get ready for the fight to come.

Pick your battles, but be ready to bring the fight to others instead of having it brought to your door.

We fight in our different ways.

One word whispered in the right ear can cause more damage or more change than a thousand punches to the face or the utter humiliation of just one key person. By spreading the word you’re fighting, by being present to stand against iniquity and injustice you’re fighting. Even by spreading kindness and seeing to the needs of others you’re fighting the continual battle against those that see the need for hatred and division. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not a fighter simply because you’re not on the front lines with fists raised ready to tear yourself and the opposition to pieces. Fighting takes place in all forms, and sometimes the most well-placed and well-spoken word can take the place of a strategically-placed punch.

After all, flesh and bone heal, but words and deeds can cut repeatedly and for a lifetime.

Be about that action, don’t pose.

If you’re going to be the type that seeks the confrontation then do so, don’t talk about it. Don’t hype yourself up and don’t front without being able to back it up. You want to confront someone about something? Then do it.

Don’t talk without the walk.

Sometimes the fight is more fun than the end result, but you’ve got to be ready to fight and not run at the first sign of trouble.

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