Origin (formerly Long Beach Peninsula)

May 8th, 2073

“Calm down before you do something irra-”

The caretaker cut the Creator off before anything more could be said, grabbing the form of his sister by the throat and hoisting her high enough that he had to look up at her. The Creator knew very well that a fight between the two of them would never be an easy thing, but in the current form it wore the caretaker would always be able to triumph, as his power came from the very reality that he inhabited, as well as those he did not. In short, the caretaker was a wellspring through which energy simply flowed, and he knew how to make good use of it without any trouble.

“Where?” the caretaker demanded, not bothering to expound upon his question.

“Cem-ceme-tary,” the Creator gurgled, hating just how powerless the avatar had become in so short a time. It wasn’t really a surprise when the caretaker crushed the throat of the form the Creator had taken, letting it drop as the life of being expired, forcing the Creator to abandon it as it had so many at this point. The form of the caretaker’s sister evaporated like so much mist, leaving only the unmarred ground beneath as the Creator’s essence watched the caretaker vanish.

*                        *                       *

Oysterville Cemetery

He could feel the strangeness of this place just by walking past the front gates, but he could also feel the energy emanating from the very ground around him as well. Something monumental had happened in this place, but what it could have been he had no idea. The headstones within the graveyard were all weathered, old, beaten down by time and the elements, and yet most of them still stood. A few laid around here and there, seeming as though they’d been shattered or broken by some tremendous amount of force.

A battle had been fought here, but long ago. Seth couldn’t even imagine what kind of forces had run rampant in this place, nor did he want to. But he’d been drawn here for a reason, and he meant to find out why. Even as he was walking forward however a voice stopped him in his tracks, forcing him to turn around slowly as he felt his blood turn to ice.

“You need to leave.”

(to be continued)

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