Sometimes we get into arguments on accident and don’t mean to, other times we walk into them without knowing. And then, sometimes people start them just because they have nothing to do. There are many ways to end an argument and even some ways to bring them to a head without violence or even hurt feelings. Arguments are said to be borne from ignorance instead of honest discussion, but the truth is that arguments are in many ways a harder but more honest discussion that forces both sides to see the point of the other even if they refuse.

Winning an argument is usually still a loss for someone if not both parties, so there must be a way to end an argument amicably so that both sides can walk away without being completely satisfied but still with the feeling that something was accomplished.

Know what you’re arguing about.

It’s not just the fact that you have to be on the same page when you’re arguing, it’s that you should know something about the subject you’re arguing about. If you walk willingly into an argument and don’t know one thing about the subject then you’ve done more than lost, you’ve wasted your time and the other person’s before it’s really begun. For instance, don’t argue about government policies if you don’t have the faintest clue what they are or what they mean to the average person. The less you know about the subject the more you’re going to look like an ignorant putz that just wants to fight. It’s easy enough to avoid this by just closing your mouth and deciding not to fight if you don’t have enough ammunition.

Be willing to listen and hear the other person’s point of view.

It’s not hard to just agree that someone else might have a point unless you’re that closed off and can’t bring yourself to agree with anyone out of sheer, pig-headed pride. Holding fast to a faulty viewpoint doesn’t make you smart, and refusing to listen to a good point doesn’t mean you’re standing your ground. It means that you’re simply too arrogant to really take into consideration someone else might know something or have an alternative thought that might make sense. It pays to at least listen to someone else and hear their point of view before you decide to disagree. In some cases you might actually learn something.

Be able to finish the argument.

If you’re going to willfully start an argument you’d better be able to finish or you’ll look just as foolish as you would if you don’t have enough information stored away to get going in the first place. Those that willingly get into arguments know deep down that there’s a chance that they won’t reach the end wearing a happy face since arguments tend to end in compromise or with one side or the other feeling like they’ve been put through the ringer whether they’ve won or lost. But the important part is that you finish what you start, or else you’ve once again wasted your time and another person’s by not being able to see it through.

If you’re going to argue, know what you’re doing before getting into it with anyone.

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