Cobbled from writings from August 7th:

The campaign for 2020 has already begun and so this begins my depressed, depraved, demented, disheartened, and drug fueled rantings, ramblings, and ravings on the American presidential campaign of 2020. Though my writings begin on this day of August 7th the campaign has already been well underway. It’s a sad state of affairs that a president spends two years campaigning, two years in office, and a year campaigning while acting as president. This disease has invested American’s politics, making presidents spend as much time in a glorified popularity contest as they do governing a nation. 

However, for Donald Trump campaigning began unnaturally soon. To truly cover the campaign of 2020 I would have to had begun my writing on February 18th, 2017. Since I did not do so, I’ll begin covering the campaign from this day forward until election night.

February 18th 2017 marked Trump’s first campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida, a place that is like every Florida city; a series of palm trees, strip malls, suburbia, and economic disparity. It felt unusual watching a President asking to be elected again just less than a month after being elected. I thought this was just another one-off act by the Trump team, until I found out that his campaign is ongoing. 

If your goal is winning the presidency, advertising early may not be a bad strategy. However, the Trump team could have jumped into the blasé and mucky waters of the campaign pool far too early. It feels like a sleazy salesman trying to sell some vague product to me. 

However, how can the Democrats compete with this advertising? Trump is already selling his campaign, slogan and all before the Democrats even have a candidate (Keep America Great Again). 

Yet it humors me that by his entry into the presidency that Trump has already made the nation great is more than a bullshit notion. This makes Trump feel like a snake oil salesman, going an entire campaign saying America needs to be made great while just a month into his Presidency he has already made the nation great as if he and only he is the magical solution to a nation’s ills. 

Backtracking now, how can the Democrats compete with such advertising? The base is evolving too fast for any viable, leading Democrats to be in line with their party. Meanwhile there is a large base of people already invested in the Trump message. These people are ready to vote for Trump and they come from seemingly random political alignments. Trump has a base of people, his political party just happens to be Republican. Trump has a large, loyal base throughout the political fringe, the type of political voices who often do not speak. Like Nixon before, Trump has a silent majority in America. An America whose majority is suspicious of academia and fears losing its culture, see’s the Democrats as corrupt, and are angered by wealth disparity. 

Trump already has guaranteed that voters and the Democrats have to respond. The Democrats must choose very carefully if they want to look viable in this election. But there is not even a hint as to who this candidate will be. But when the Democrats do decide, depending on their candidate I promise they’ll either lose a close race or lose in brutal fashion. 

-David Vills

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