So let’s be honest, everyone’s felt pressure in their life be it small or earth-shattering in their opinion. Pressure is something that doesn’t just go away on its own most times, it has to be dealt with or somehow lessened in a way that allows the individual to finally draw an easy, unencumbered breath that will allow them to relax more than just a little bit.

For some of us dealing with pressure is a constant and expected struggle, for others it’s something that threatens to tear us down if the right trigger is pressed and we’re not ready for it. And then there are those odd individuals that look at pressure as nothing major and no big deal. How is this possible?

Well, there are a few ways.

Breathing is a good idea.

Even when everything is pressing in on you, deadlines have to be met, people have to be satisfied, and everything has to happen now, a deep breath can be a quick and calming method of soothing your nerves and letting you think clearly before diving into the maelstrom. The act of taking a deep, cleansing breath can calm you down, allow your mind to focus, and therefore give you the needed seconds or longer it takes to sort your way through the maze that needs to be solved in order to get through your day. By learning how to breathe you don’t even need to stop in your efforts sometimes and can plow right through in order to sort out what needs to be done, what’s a priority, and what can wait.

Breathe in, breathe out, and repeat as you go through your day. That’s one helpful step.

Prioritize, prioritize, and then organize.

Not everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. Sure it all has to be done according to the deadline, but if you have a list of what needs to be done some items are going to take priority over others and as such you should look into getting them done first. Some things might take a while, some might go quick, but if you prioritize in a way that makes sense to you, and is efficient enough to allow for sufficient time to get everything done, then it will take a humongous load off of your shoulders. By organizing your workload and managing it through prioritizing what needs to be done now versus what can sit and wait for a bit, the work becomes less of a storm and more of an orderly system that, while still chaotic in some ways, is easier to handle.

Don’t work in the mess, make the mess work in the way you need it to.

Focus on what you’re doing, don’t worry about others.

There are times when things are a team effort and it’s important to make sure that everyone’s doing their part and to offer help to those that need it. But in other situations it’s best to focus on what you’re doing and get your job done to the best of your ability. If you find yourself getting done early and discover that someone needs help, then by all means do what you can. Don’t force yourself on them but ask if they would care for some assistance if it’s at all possible. First and foremost though, get your job done. You help no one, especially yourself, by stepping away from your own work to help another with theirs. It’s a hard way to look at it in the spirit of teamwork, but by ignoring your own work you only increase whatever pressure you’re under and could possibly become overwhelmed in the process.

Focus on what you’re doing before you worry about others. If you don’t do your job it’s possible they won’t be able to do theirs.

Pressure is something we deal with on a continual basis no matter how severe. Learning how to navigate around and possibly through it is a skill that can benefit pretty much anyone.

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