It’s hard to stand and be counted all on your lonesome. It’s difficult to stand with your own convictions and be ostracized from others simply because you don’t believe the way they do. But it’s important to stand your ground and remain standing for as long as you can, especially if you feel that on one issue or another that bending or breaking to join the crowd would be the wrong way to go.

People conform for good reasons sometimes. They go with the flow to keep from disrupting the status quo and they even manage to convince themselves that there’s really no other choice. They tell themselves that they’re standing for the greater good when it truth they’re taking a seat with those that feel that to stand alone would be to make a target out of themselves for those that might object to their lone voice shouting in the wind.

There are moments when this is wise, when standing your ground makes little sense and is more likely to bring needless ruin than anything positive. But then there are those moments when bending your head with the rest of the flock is the worst possible move to make, when stretching your neck out along with everyone else is tantamount to giving up. It’s a fine line that’s walked between the two, but between following the herd and standing resolute in your own beliefs and ideals those that stand their ground might not seem overly wise, but they are at least standing for something that means more to them than the comfort of blending into a faceless crowd.

Too many would caution that this is not the wise course, that standing against the status quo for anything is hypocritical and in many ways dangerous as it reeks not of martyrdom or even steadfast belief, but overt stubbornness to change and an idiotic resistance to something that might benefit them in the long run.

Guess who says this? Those that sit high on their gilded thrones spun from their own lies, hypocrisy, and the support of those they’ve convinced that they’re the best possible thing for the world they occupy in that moment. Those with the slick tongues, the sly manners, and the empty eyes that somehow manage to fool their followers into thinking that they have their best interests at heart. They do their best to convince others to recruit each and every individual they can to their cause, while behind their masks and rhetoric they laugh at those that believe every word that comes rushing forth from their mouth.

Standing alone isn’t easy, no one ever said it was, but it’s surely better than following along with your head down.

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