I see you’re black, I see you’re Asian, I see that you’re Middle Eastern, I see that you are different, I see that you have struggled, I see a great deal more than people think, and as they’re judged unfairly for the qualities they may or may not have, as are the rest of us for belonging the same race as those that persecute them. If a person is bitten by a certain type of dog do they fear all dogs? Do they deny that any dog has worth? If a person is struck by a lightning bolt do they refuse to go outside? Do they shun electricity for fear that it might shock them?

Not really. One could be struck by lightning or bitten by a dog and there’s only a percentage chance that many people would go so far as to shun anything and anyone that had anything to do with that occurrence. So why do we do this with people? Why are there those among ethnic groups that will gladly condemn an entire race and all those in it because of the sins that others committed? It’d be too easy and a bit insulting to say “all white people don’t…” since it’s an argument that’s been made before and has been rejected many times over.

So no, I won’t pity you, and unless I know you, I won’t help you.

Sounds like something a white person would say, right? Think again. A lot of people in the world say this. Those that have been persecuted and believe that they would never inflict the kind of pain, degradation, or offer an unkind word to anyone have done this. Human nature is a bitch sometimes, it forces us to look inward and refuses to just allow us to act like civilized beings. If you don’t know a person the chance that you’ll help them is fifty-fifty at best in this world. For those that buck that trend and help anyway good for you, you’re ahead of the curve and have a spark of something truly unique in you.

So what’s wrong with the rest of us? Nothing, we’re following a very basic human instinct, do for you and yours before anyone else. It’s not always perfect, but it’s what we fall back on when uncertainty rears its head.

Your skin color doesn’t mean much to me, nor does your religion, or your race.

You’re a human being right? You bleed like anyone else yeah? You walk, talk, sneeze, snort, and well, you know, so you’re human. Barring any discussion about aliens or animals if you’re human you’ve already earned your dignity and a small measure of respect that’s reserved for those you don’t know. The moment anyone decides that race, skin color, religion, or anything that makes a person different is a target waiting to be hit, their own dignity and respect is forfeit. Their own status as a human being becomes suspect, and they lose the right to judge another.

So you’re a different person? Okay, in this world that means you might look, sound, and act different. But you’re still human, so we’re square, and there’s no need to do anything but treat you like a human being. Yeah?

You want reparations for something you didn’t go through? Good luck.

Those that had to go through it, those that still go through, are due something for their pain and anguish. Some won’t take it as they’d rather push forward and try to make a change. Others will take it and continue to perpetuate the cycle of people that feel that they’re owed something in this life. If anyone owes those that were savaged, beaten, enslaved, or otherwise harmed or humiliated, it’s the people that did such vile acts. Their progeny did nothing and owe nothing to anyone. Their descendants owe nothing to those that suffered, as they weren’t even born yet and can’t be held accountable. Life is the only one left for some of these people that can be held accountable, and in many cases life might just laugh if it had a mouth.

Yes the past was horrible in many ways for many people, but collecting for past sins has to be done from those that are guilty of them, not those that had no hand in the doing. Punishment for those that have done nothing is not fitting reparations.

I see and I’ve heard. And somehow I still believe in humanity, in ALL of us.

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