Planet: Buluake

City: Kualtal Capital

Nal didn’t recall much of the last several moments before the end of the fight for one reason: it was over pretty quickly.

Among their other qualities such as their teeth, their claws, and their ability to fight blind, the Kulah had one last tool that was a natural part of their arsenal, and it was the natural agility to create something known as the Death Twirl, a whimsical name for something that translated out to something far less pleasant in many languages. The name in Basic was pretty straightforward, but the way it was said in the Kulah language translated more to something along the lines of “the spin of death in which claws and teeth become the storm”. The simple description was quite alright with Nal since his people had a penchant for being long-winded sometimes in their own language.

He’d not performed a Death Twirl in a long, long time, perhaps since he’d been a small Kulah and had done so to impress the females. But every Kulah was able to do the Death Twirl to some degree, the only downfall was that one had to let their enemies get in close. It hadn’t taken much, the Canin’s had already been good and angry with him, and feigning a sudden wave of fatigue had them thinking that he’d be easy prey. As intelligent and cunning as they could be, Canin’s weren’t always the wisest creatures in the galaxy, and despite the fact that only a couple of them hadn’t been marked yet their confidence had still been high.

Nal had let them have that much as he’d leaned over, clawed fingers resting heavily on his skinny, muscular legs as he took one breath, then another, pretending to be winded as the Canin’s moved in. They probably figured that this would be their best chance, and so thinking dove inward, attacking in force as the remaining bunch decided to gang tackle him. Nal reacted quickly after that.

The Death Twirl was powerful, but the Canin’s each outweighed him by a hundred kilograms or more and more than that, they were throwing their weight forward and down, meaning that their momentum would be too great for him to thwart or match. Physics could take into account what it meant to get a Kulah mad, but it couldn’t change the fact that he simply wasn’t strong enough to throw off three fully-grown and experienced fighters. So he didn’t bother.

Nal moved aside from the rush and let loose with the Death Twirl, his teeth and claws flashing and sinking into whatever exposed area he could find as he struck at each of the Canin’s, maintaining just enough control to keep from striking any vital areas that might cause sudden or immediate death. He raked at muzzles, pulled at lips, sliced ears, and did anything and everything that he could to discourage the creatures from continuing the fight.

Thankfully it had worked, and now here he was at his stool once again, ordering another round and laughing with his friends as they gathered around again, having already watched the Canins depart with their wounded in tow.

It was good to be a Kulah, and good to be the friend of one, so long as you never got them mad.

The End

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