America seems to have forgotten what the world ‘unity’ means. In fact it’s a wonder that it’s ever known the word outside of what was felt when 9/11, an anniversary that is fast approaching, occurred. Many would cite that this country has pulled together through thick and thin in many eras, but the truth of it is that there is always some dissent no matter what time period we’re living in. It’s happened since the nation was founded, and likely it will continue to happen since this nation is built upon many different foundations.

Too many people feel ‘persecuted’ when in fact they’re afraid of something they don’t understand.

Persecution has in fact happened many times in the US since it was founded and most times it’s been real it has been ultimately damaging to those that have been made to suffer. Yet in this day and age the persecution continues despite the repeated lesson of the past thanks to fear, lack of understanding, and a severe lack of being able to reach a compromise in terms. People aren’t willing to back down from the stance they’ve taken and come to agreements about much of anything these days, which has led to a severe division within the country that many have simply rolled over and accepted. Others have assimilated, telling themselves there’s no better choice even if their beliefs don’t always hold true with their accepted group.

Anymore, those that feel that others are disagreeing with their way of life or their beliefs feel as though they’re being persecuted, when in truth the freedom to speak your mind is an American right. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like it, people have the right to believe and to speak as they will. It doesn’t mean we have to listen, or even pay attention.

Persecution only happens when you put stock in the words of the other person. If your conscience is that guilty then of course you’ll feel as though you’re being attacked.

There are those that suffer persecution in a very real sense and the ordeals they go through need to stop.

It isn’t privilege to say that people need to treat others as human beings and not degrade them. It’s a desire to see human beings finally get along with one another in a world where too many differences drive us apart on a continual basis. Is anyone else tired? Is anyone else a bit fed up with the constant attacks that go back and forth when people disagree? It’s come to the point when a person can barely mutter what political affiliation they belong to, or who they voted for, without causing a fight or a full-scale riot. Those that feel persecuted and those that truly are have suffered enough in their lives, and yet some of them have turned on their heel and decided to fire back.

You can’t blame them. Trying to turn the other cheek is harder than it sounds and at some point someone is going to finally turn an about face and deck their persecutor in the mouth, either figuratively or literally. At the risk of sounding negative or too forward individuals like TaLynn Kel, a fellow writer and blogger, have been through a lot in their lives admittedly and have had to pull their punches a lot of times. Unfortunately with some of them this has created a rather bitter side that wants to continue the fight by turning around and firing back at anyone and everyone that shares the same skin color as their oppressors.

You want peace? You want to stop the persecution? Realize that people aren’t out to get you on a daily basis and calm down. Talk to people, and if you don’t like what they have to say, then move on.

Persecution is about making someone the victim, and the moment you stop listening to such hype you make it known that you refuse to be the victim.

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