You might find it hard to laugh at white supremacists since quite honestly they’ve been seen to be capable of horrible things in the last couple of years and those occurrences haven’t exactly been laugh-worthy. But honestly and truly the picture above is just one reason why you should feel it necessary to laugh at them, not to mention why they’re one of the most ridiculous bunches of nuts in the dish at this point.

So why is that? How can a bunch of yahoos that are organized and inherently deadly and stacked behind some of the most powerful people in the nation be considered impotent and silly?

Look at their behavior.

Some of their most notorious members, the KKK, have, or had, to wear hoods to terrorize people.

If you want to talk about what it takes to be a brave and confident person yet wear a hood over your head to do so then you might be a hypocritical white supremacist. I kind of doubt that Foxworthy would ever let that one loose on stage but it seems pretty accurate. Obviously all white supremacists don’t wear hoods but a lot of them tend to band together in order to feel safe when confronting people they don’t agree with. How is it brave again to form a mob to frighten those that aren’t threatening you in the first place? Oh right, there’s the perception thing, white supremacists seem to think that people of other races and colors are threatening them simply by existing. Silly me, or better yet, silly them.

They carry tiki torches during a protest, ’nuff said.

The mob wasn’t laughing, the people they were rallying against weren’t laughing, but a lot of us that saw the torches were laughing our asses off. Really? They brought tiki torches for their protest? At least you know they’ll be safe from mosquitoes and flies while they’re marching, and they might even look fashionable doing it. Back in the day people would actually go out and find a lantern, or a log, or something that would burn and actually look intimidating. Today’s wannabe white supremacists though are trying to keep up with the trends it seems and are doing their best to bring the 1950’s back in a big way by dredging up the old prejudices and lawn fashions.

When all is said and done and their heads hit the pillows they come to one realization, they won’t do anything.

Sure they bark and bark and bark, but the majority of them won’t ever bite. They’ll rant and rave on the outside while on the inside they’re praying that no one will notice that they’re about two steps away from wetting themselves when they realize just what it is they’re doing. White supremacists might think that they’re trying to make a better place for their race, but in truth they understand on some level that the rest of the white race that doesn’t think like they do, that enjoys diversity, and that will stand against them, aren’t about to change their minds.

Why are white supremacists impotent? Because they can’t see past their own limited doctrine, and therefore there’s no way for them to really adapt or evolve. They’re a limited breed, and they’re bound to die out long before anyone else. They know this, they fear this, but getting them to admit it is something that we need to work on.

Anyone up for the challenge?

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