Let’s get out what’s sure to be the fuse if enough people see it: being white and male is not entirely popular when it comes to a broader worldview at this time. Why is that? Because white males seem to hold all the strings, they have all the buttons and know how and when to push them, and thus they have all the power. Is that about right? White males have all the advantages? We basically run this place?

Oh how hollow that sounds when you’re a white male that is being told to check his privilege all the time, in fact almost every time you open your mouth. It wouldn’t matter if you’re a beggar on the streets or someone that put in the kind of work it takes to make a fortune and sweat and bleed for every cent. You’d still be seen as a white, privileged, male.

I won’t sit here and cry about being persecuted because it hasn’t hit that stage yet. Right now it’s at the moment when white males are being put on blast continuously because of what so many white males have done in the past. We’re a menace because we don’t realize our own privilege? Is that clear to everyone? Is it clear that being born a certain color and a certain gender (yes, physically-speaking there are TWO main genders) automatically puts you in the running for being singled out as being privileged. Hell, the moment you take a breath as a white male seems to mean that your privileged as someone else being born a different race or color might have to work that much harder to get that single breath out.

A little much? Maybe, but maybe not.

Bad stuff did happen in the past, and it still happens now, but being asked to apologize for it is like asking the Germans born in the past two decades to apologize for WWII.

Why? Why do we need to keep apologizing for the things our ancestors did? Why do we continue to bear the mark of their sins? Yes bad things happened then, horrible things that ripped people to pieces. And bad things happen now, but unless you’re the person doing those bad things, then it doesn’t pay to damn anyone of the same color, race, or ethnicity for it. Do you blame all those that came from the Middle East for 9/11? Do you blame all people that are black for gang shootings? Do you blame one entire race for everything that several people within their ranks did? Will you condemn a white male child for the sins of an ancestor they never knew?

I really hope your answer is no, because if it’s not then you’re starting to show the privilege you’ve been given to hate another for no reason.

Reparations for those that survived such horrible ordeals should be expected.

Those people that are still alive that can remember the horrors that they were put through and the unfair treatment deserve an apology, from the people that did such things, not those that had no hand in it. No one is complicit for the actions that were committed before they were ever born, no matter how horrible. That it happened at all is a blight on the history of America and the world, but that those born in this era and after will be asked to apologize for it on a continual basis is a fallacy that needs to be corrected.

You want true history to be known? That’s fine, let’s write it in, let’s make sure it’s taught as it really was so people don’t ever forget. But don’t ask the descendants of those that committed such atrocious acts to apologize for something they never did. That is an insult to those that suffered, and flawed thinking by those that would desire such a thing.

Yes, because everything we do is due to privilege.

The late nights studying, working, making sure that there’s enough in the bank account to take care of one’s family, the constant worry that we’re not making enough, that we’re not doing enough, and that at any moment anything could happen that might leave our family bereft our presence and support is a privilege. Are you joking now? Yes people from different walks of life have different advantages. Yes, it’s not always equal. But yes, it’s also because those that came before us did what they could to make sure we would have this life, that we would be able to continue forward as we are now.

It’s true that a lot of white males do have that privilege and use it to great extent. But from one white male that’s been a step away from the gutter, don’t lump us together with the assholes that can’t see what they’ve got or how they use it. That must be my white privilege talking, right?

It will keep talking until eyes are opened on both sides. Working for your due and doing what’s best for your family is a responsibility, but it is also a privilege. Why will I not apologize for being white and male? That’s simple, because I’ve hurt no one and don’t intend to forget that our world is very unfair and has harbored some truly dark times. Bad things will continue to happen to people in this world, it’s an inescapable part of being human, and has little to do with our skin color or how much privilege we have. The best we can do for it is open our eyes, ALL OF US, and realize who is truly responsible, and who is simply trying to get by.

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