Everyone jokes about the voices in their head, they tell themselves that it’s the voices, the voices that are telling them to do things, to say things, to be crazy and out of control. What if some of us are right? Of course psychologists and rational-minded individuals will say that the voices are nothing more than the imagination of a mind that’s not quite balanced and has possibly suffered some sort of trauma. Some religious individuals might say that it’s our conscience or inner voices that tell us to do things or warn us against them. Some might even claim it’s the devil trying to steers us in the wrong direction, since of course the great deceiver would want to sow as much chaos as possible.

But what if we depend on those voices?

It’s true that if you talk to yourself you’re likely to get looked at funny, even if you’re not expecting an answer. Of course if you answer yourself the looks will get a little more severe, then you might even find yourself as an island as people actively avoid you while you’re having a full-on conversation with yourself. Then if you start losing the argument, to yourself, you might find that people just don’t want to be around you in general.

That’s okay, the voices are there. The voices will ALWAYS be there.

So long as you’re okay with them and they don’t bother anyone else what’s the harm? A person can hear voices in their head and think it’s perfectly okay. If they talk to themselves then so be it, why would it would be anyone else’s business? Well, unless they decided to carry on a full conversation with themselves in public, then it gets a bit awkward if it turns into an argument, since one side usually has to lose or both sides come to an agreement amidst a group of people that aren’t quite sure if the person speaking is going to be okay or suddenly run amok with an axe.

But hey, those are the risks we take by choosing to keep those voices.

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