Planet: Buluake

City: Kualtal Capital

Unfortunately the fight hadn’t ended there, much as Nal had figured it wouldn’t. Canin’s weren’t known for being solitary creatures, as they tended to travel in packs of four or five at least. This particular Canin had been one of six, all of whom had seen the fight start, had kept their distance, and had then decided to advance on Nal as he’d gone back to his drink, perhaps thinking that he was no match for all of them. Normally they’d be right, but with as drunk as Nal had been getting he’d been feeling no pain, not even the scratches that the first Canin had inflicted on the side of his head.

“Idea good think is it?” he’d asked as he’d turned around. All five remaining Canins were rather bulky, more so than their friend, but all of them had similar markings upon their fur as the first one. They might have been the same clan or even siblings, but it didn’t matter. Nal had made his point, and he would make it again if he had to.

“For waiting you what are?” Nal grinned at them, his teeth flashing as the Canins rushed him.

He dealt with the first one, a heavyset specimen with large, wide paws that sought to grab Nal by the sides of his his bulbous head. Ducking down he avoided this and then allowed the Canin to feel his displeasure. He didn’t rake his claws along the brute’s belly as it was guarded by a protective vest that would have taken too much of the blow. Instead Nal rolled along the floor, somersaulting until he was behind the big Canin and could slash at his unprotected ankles. His right claws tore through fur, hide, and flesh, parting them easily as the Canin uttered a high, pained howl before his leg buckled and he went down.

Nal was relying solely on sound at this point as the protective covering had come down over his eye and blinded him. He didn’t need to see however as he felt a furred arm reach for him and try to encircle his neck. His left hand was reaching up as he quickly found the attackers elbow. His claws sank inward as he ripped them down and away, opening the flesh of the creature as the arm was suddenly gone.

The bar around him was eerily quiet aside from the Canin’s. It was shame they didn’t notice.

(to be concluded)

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