It sounds a bit contradictory doesn’t it? How can you be silent but not be quiet at the same time? To be honest it might not make a lot of sense to those that can’t get themselves to think around corners and need it laid out for them. But silence is not just the act of remaining quiet, it’s the process of observing, of allowing the world to work while you watch and take note of the many different tenets that are necessary to operate this wondrous place that we call home. Silence is the ability to note without bias just how the many different parts mesh and work together, or don’t. Silence allows us to figure out new ways to go about perfecting old methods, and silence can allow individuals to reason through problems that have plagued our species since the beginning of time.

Unfortunately silence comes at a very high premium, and is quite rare in regards to the human race. In order to take advantage of silence humanity needs to back up a step or two, and that doesn’t seem as though it might happen anytime soon. Too many people desire everything to happen now, to move forward at an accelerated rate, and to push onward without taking the time to figure out why certain aspects of life come back to haunt us and why we can’t seem to solve the problem.

Moving forward isn’t the problem, it’s a natural part of life that needs to happen and should happen as progression is how humans grow, evolve, adapt, and continue to live a life that’s worth living. But in the silence between generations, and there are those blessed moments, it’s important to not be quiet and let those moments go, but to speak up and allow people to realize the extent of our problems in a way that can help fix the problem, not cast blame or create a scapegoat so as to allow the issue to continue. In being silent we take the time to pause and reflect, but in remaining quiet we do nothing to remedy the problems that continue to haunt us.

Humanity is not perfect in any way, shape or form. No one race is responsible for the downfall of any other no matter how it’s been seen in the past. Individuals and groups of all sizes from each race have managed to cause horrors to those of other races that still feel the sting of history and the echoes of wrongs that are still committed to this day, yet no one is willing to take those moments of silence and sort out just what has to be done and what should be done. We’d all rather play the blame game with those that have nothing to do with the despicable acts that were and have been perpetrated against those that didn’t deserve such indignities.

Silence is not consent for what happened, but instead a moment in which we, as a species, not a race or a people, can come to understand what happened, why it happened, and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The refusal to be quiet is important as it will continue to bring up the need for something to be done, the reality that these things do still happen, and that the need for a resolution is still desired.

Be silent in order to listen, but do not be quiet when it is time to speak.

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