The argument for pedophiles being harmless is a difficult one to make and one that many would gladly scoff at since the idea has spread like wildfire throughout society that pedophiles are to be guarded against and promptly punished for their sexual preference. Pedophiles are attracted to young children, typically under the age of 13, and as disgusting as this is, it seems to be hardwired into the brains of many individual, millions in fact. The chance that you might even know someone that harbors this mental disorder, and it is a disorder make no mistake, is quite great considering that there are enough pedophiles walking the earth to populate a country.

The obvious answer to pedophilia being natural is that no, it is not, in any way, shape or form. Like it or not however some people are born with this proclivity, and it’s about as easy to train out of them as it is to teach a person not to breathe. This disorder, as unpopular as it is and as likely as it is to get these people in serious trouble if they make it known, is a part of who they are. While a lot of us, present company included, don’t agree with pedophiles and could happily do without them, they are unfortunately a part of this world and a part of our society.

The difference between a pedophile and a child molester is that a pedophile doesn’t always act on their impulses.

Child molesters are also not always pedophiles, as sexually abusing a child doesn’t require one to be a pedophile, no matter what people say. It will certainly get them labeled as such, and the punishment they’ll receive upon being sent to prison is far worse than anything a judge could hand down, but child molesters are not always pedophiles. Many pedophiles that either don’t let their secret be known or find away to remain a part of society after their secret is out tend to keep their secret impulses at bay and live in constant fear of the wrong person finding out what they prefer when it comes to their sexual habits.

It might sound rather harsh and even a little cruel, but from a personal standpoint this is something that pedophiles are wise to do, as outing themselves to the world is asking for the widespread hatred of those that are like them to be delivered upon their heads by the fearful and paranoid. Pain and death are the only likely possibilities in many parts of the world for pedophiles that make themselves known.

One might argue that it is a lonely and frightening existence that many could not possibly understand.

Whether you’re a parent or not the idea of another human being, especially an adult, touching your child in sexual manner or anything that crosses the line is a constant fear that one lives with. The fear of physical retribution by those that don’t understand their lifestyle would make the life of a pedophile quite difficult, and there is no doubt that unless they have some type of support that they stand alone and afraid. But the fear of a parent is quick to turn to anger if someone acts upon their impulses, and as a result the life of a pedophile either remains secret or finds solace in like-minded individuals.

The middle ground for pedophiles is to simply stay away from areas that are heavily populated by families, which is also quite tough for some people.

Despite being a natural occurrence, attraction towards children is not acceptable.

This issue is unfortunately very real. It is too easy to hate, and too easy to point fingers and judge. Those pedophiles that don’t act on their impulses are still reviled, and personally I won’t stand up for them, but I won’t raise a hand against them unless they succumb to those urges. Children are not meant to be sexual beings, as they are innocent and are meant to stay that way until they begin to learn what the world around them has to offer. The days of being wed before the age of adolescence are gone, the days of thinking children are mature by the time they are teenagers are gone. Children are meant to be carefree and to not know the ways of men and women until they are old enough to understand what such emotions and physical actions mean.

That being said, I myself have children, and would gladly stomp the identifying body part of any pedophile to mush if they so much as looked at my children in the wrong manner. But to those pedophiles that successfully resist those urges I say only one thing: keep doing it. Keep away from children no matter what your mind tells you, no matter what your urges beg you to do.

Pedophiles are a part of our society unfortunately, and will likely never be accepted.

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